Date 2012-10-12
Time 15:00 - 16:30
Tel 29488944
Venue Room B3-P-03, HKIEd (Tai Po Campus)


The Centre for Governance and Citizenship (CGC) of The Hong Kong Institute of Education is presenting to you a seminar on Macro Factors about Law Making in Hong Kong: A Case Study on (the Lack of) Consumer Protection by Mr. Angus YOUNG, Assistant Professor, Department of Accountancy, Hang Seng Management College, on 12th October 2012 (Friday), 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., at Room 03, Podium, Block B3 (Room B3-P-03), The Hong Kong Institute of Education (Tai Po Campus), 10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po.


Hong Kong is known for having a vibrant consumer culture, apart from the locals many tourists come to experience the shopping. However, when it comes to consumer protection, the territory continues to rely on an old British statute, over a century old. Moreover, the bars for legal actions are set so high, it’s not worth the effort, time, and cost for an average consumer to pursue. Its consumer watchdog, the Hong Kong Consumer Council has very limited powers, to the point that it can be described as ‘just bark and no bite’. This runs against the recommendations of international organisations like the OECD for more emphasis on consumer welfare and the mitigation of consumer detriment. So why does this modern shopping paradise have such dated laws? The impetus for reform will most probably rest with whether consumers thinks more legal protection is beneficial, if businesses are for or against such reforms, and what would prompt the policy and law making community to act. There is also a more politicised dimension. Does the lack of democracy affect the residents’ demand for more legal protection?


Angus YOUNG has degrees in political science, economics, and law. Originally from New Zealand, he is currently Assistant Professor at Hang Seng Management College and Adjunct Professor at Southwest University of Political Science & Law. Prior to this he had taught at several universities in Australia and New Zealand. Angus is a keen writer and has published a number of articles, working papers and written news articles on corporate law, directors’ duties, corporate insolvency, financial and securities law, competition law, Confucian doctrines, ethics, and legal education. Other appointments include: Associate at the Monash Centre for Regulatory Studies; Country Correspondent for International Corporate Rescue; Member of the International Advisory Editorial Board of the Compliance & Regulatory Journal; Member of the Editorial Advisory Committee of The IIA-Australia Journal; and Member of Audit and Risk Compliance Committee at Compass Global Markets Pty Ltd, Sydney.


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