Date 2016-03-17
Time 14:00 - 15:30
Tel 29488944
Venue Room B1-1/F-14, 1st Floor, Block B1, HKIEd (Tai Po Campus)


CGC Seminar Series

Gender difference of math anxiety: An international comparison


Presented by

Dr Xiaorui HUANG

Visiting Scholar, Centre for Governance and Citizenship, HKIEd; and

Associate Professor, the Institute of Curriculum and Instruction, East China Normal University


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Date:      17 March 2016, Thursday

Time:     2pm - 3:30pm

Venue:   Room B1-1/F-14, 1st Floor, Block B1, HKIEd (Tai Po Campus)  



One of the widely reported findings in the United States has been the negative effect of math anxiety on math achievement. Another seemingly consistent finding is that girls reported higher math anxiety than boys. However, data compiled across countries show large variations in these otherwise uniform effects. In this talk, I will present the results from the 2012 PISA focusing on gender differences in math anxiety and in the relationship between math anxiety and math performance. The findings showed mixed results regarding gender differences in math anxiety; female students demonstrated higher and lower math anxiety than male students across different countries. Math anxiety had a larger negative effect on math achievement among low achieving male students compared to low achieving female students. These and other cross-country differences will be discussed. 


About the speaker

Dr Xiaorui HUANG currently serves as an Assistant Professor in the Institute of Curriculum and Instruction, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China. She obtained her PhD degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her research focuses on mathematics anxiety, analyses of complex data, multilevel IRT and multilevel structure equation modeling.


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