Cantonese Opera (Yueju) in Hong Kong

In addition to being a well-established and representative art form in Hong Kong and south China, Cantonese Opera has also, since 2009, achieved recognition as one of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage items. While this undoubtedly reflects its value at a regional level, Cantonese Opera has still to establish itself on the international stage. The Department of Cultural and Creative Arts at The Education University of Hong Kong is committed to promoting this art form through different channels. With the ultimate aim of arousing greater interest, leading in turn to the pursuance of further learning and research, the launch of the Hong Kong Cantonese Opera website will provide international audiences with precise information about Cantonese Opera in both English and Chinese. In so doing, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the Home Affairs Bureau, the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, EdUHK, and the Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong, and to Professor Bell Yung and Chinese University Press for their kind permission of using the translation of Princess Flower, and Mr. Danny Li as the Artistic Consultant.

Roles in Yueju

Socio-cultural Context in Hong Kong