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About iLOrk


iLOrk is a non-profit organisation that explores, creates, promotes digital arts in Hong Kong. Founded in 2011 as a computer-mediated performance platform by a group of passionate educators, iLOrk has strived to promote and educate the values and artistry of digital arts to the local community and wider international audiences. iLOrk has recently expanded its coverage to include up-to-date art experiences and practices including virtually reality and projection mapping, presenting and delivering various workshops, performances, collaborative theatre works to specifically designed to a range of targeted audiences. It is the Mission of iLOrk to widespread the practice and deepen people's understanding of digital arts in Hong Kong.


Vision & Objectives

Technology is the extension of human body (McLuhan, 1964). We believe that the good use of technology could help extending the capacities of human mankind, allowing us to travel further, see wider, and think deeper. From the perspectives of art-making and aesthetic enjoyment, technology could play a transformative role in penetrating the transitional frameworks of conventional art forms and unfolding the possibilities of innovative approaches for community, social, and cultural engagement.


1. To develop and innovate digital arts practices in Hong Kong

2. To promote and educate the values and artistry of digital arts for the local community and wider international audiences

Director 總監
Lee Cheng 鄭重言

Lee CHENG is an interdisciplinary artist-teacher and researcher. His research and artistic interest interdisciplinarize music, multi-media, technology, and education. His works have been featured as part of, amongst others, International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), World Stage Design, and Mana Contemporary Chicago; his research articles have been published by top-ranked journals including Technology, Pedagogy and Education, Journal of Knowledge Management, and Journal of Computer Assisted Learning.

Cheng graduated from The University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Information Systems) and a Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science), and The Education University of Hong Kong with a Doctor of Philosophy (Interdisciplinary Studies - Technology in Music Education). He attained the London Trinity College LTCL for flute (Distinction) and LMusTCL (Distinction) in 2013 and 2011. He is currently working as a Lecturer II of the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts at The Education University of Hong Kong, also serving as the director of EdUHK iLOrk, a laptop orchestra and mobile device ensemble ( He is currently serving as the Convenor of the Music Technology Special Interest Group, International Society for Music Education (ISME).

鄭重言是一位跨學科藝術家教師及學者,其藝術及研究範疇跨越音樂、多媒體、科技及教育等學科,作品及學術論文曾於多個國際藝術展覽、研討會、期刊等發表。鄭氏畢業於香港大學及香港教育大學,獲頒工商管理學士(資訊科技)、工程學士(電腦科學)學位及哲學博士學位(科技及音樂教育) ,亦於 2013 年及 2011 年考獲聖三一音樂學院長笛高級演奏文憑(LTCL)及音樂理論高級文憑(LMusTCL)並取得優異(Distinction)成績。鄭氏現於香港教育大學文化與創意藝術學系任職二級講師,為數碼藝術創作及表演團隊 iLOrk 的總監,亦於國際音樂教育協會(ISME)擔任音樂科技小組的召集人。

image02Performing with iLOrk

News & Events

27-28.2.2021 Tai Po Landmark Interactive

5.6.2020 Media Silhouette V

10.6.2019 Media Silhouette IV

23.4.2019 Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong - Sound Forms: A Festival of Multichannel Sound

8.12.2018 InSEA Asia Regional Congress

5-10.8.2018 International Computer Music Conference

22.4.2018 Media Silhouette III

9.4.2018 Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong - Sound Forms: A Festival of Multichannel Sound

5.12.2017 Media Silhouette II

21.10.2017 The Education University of Hong Kong - Info Day

28.5.2017 Media Silhouette I

18-21.4.2017 Chinese International School - Artist in Residence

26.2.2017 Trial and Error Lab - Digital Drawing Workshop

19.2.2017 Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation - iPad Music-making Workshop

17.12.2016 Trial and Error Lab - iPad Music-making Workshop

16.12.2016 The Education University of Hong Kong - Christmas Showcase

8.12.2016 Youth Square - Garden of the Artisans Opening Party

26.11.2016 Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation - Electronic Music-making Workshop

26-27.10.2016 Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation - Little Big Voice Theatre Works

26.5.2016 The 20th Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education - Conference Banquet

16.5.2016 International Symposium of Electronic Arts ISEA2016 Hong Kong 香港 Public Event: Musical Noice - City Ambient Sounds

21.2.2016 Pop-up Theatre: Closing Party of 2015 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture (HK)

23.11.2015 Jazz x Electronic Free Improvisation Workshop by Willamette Underground Trio

13.11.2015 iLOrk Concert - A Concert for Mobile Device Ensemble

6.5.2015 Art in MTR - Living Art

17.12.2014 The Hong Kong Institute of Education - Christmas Showcase

7.5.2014 School Workshop

8.4.2014 The Hong Kong Institute of Education - Canopy Live

3.4.2014 School Workshop

3.5.2013 School Workshop

Mobile App i-Orchestra

i-Orchestra is an iOS app developed by Lee Cheng that enables orchestral simulation in a mobile device ensemble setting. Each ensemble player can simulate an orchestral part via compatible MIDI controller connected to an iPhone / iPad, which collaboratively forms a keyboard orchestra. It enables keyboard players to develop ensemble skills within a virtual environment.

Compared to the ordinary setting of keyboard ensemble using digital musical keyboards with built-in synthesizers, i-Orchestra offers benefits including mobility, specific orchestral samplers, smaller size and an opportunity for students to learn manipulating mobile music technology. i-Orchestra could be useful in setting up mobile device ensembles in school setting. Further development of the software would increase the affordance of the app for wider music-making possibilities not limited to MIDI keyboards.

i-Orchestra 是一個為iPhone 及iPad所開發的流動應用程式,用作建立模擬管弦樂團的流動裝置樂隊。 每位樂手可以透過 i-Orchestra 及 MIDI 鍵盤模擬指定的管弦樂器演奏,再組合成一隊模擬管弦樂團,並從中學習合奏技巧。

相比於一般使用電子琴模擬管弦樂的樂隊,i-Orchestra 具有更佳的流動性,以及提供學習運用流動音樂科技的機會,適合於學校環境中讓學生於參與樂團演奏的同時學習更多音樂及科技知識。

Hardware requirement 硬件要求:
iPhone 5/iPad Pro/iPad 4/iPad Mini or later with iOS 8.0+
MIDI controllers compatible to iOS devices (with USB cable)
Apple Camera Connection Kit
Monitor speakers (Optional)

image03Mobility of iLOrk


5.6.2020 Media Silhouette V
On Yan Yi Fion & Wong Yat Yi Phoebe - 武感

8.8.2018 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC2018)
Adam Vidiksis - Density Function

6.8.2018 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC2018)
Lee Cheng - Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?

22.4.2018 Media Silhouette III - Laptop Orchestra Concert
Lee Cheng - Nebula

8.12.2016 Garden of the Artisans Opening Party
Ambient Improvisation

25-26.10.2016 Little Big Voice Theatre Work by Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation
Scored Music and Electronic Improvisation

16.5.2016 Public Event of the International Symposium of Electronic Arts ISEA2016 Hong Kong 香港
Musical Noice - City Ambient Sounds: Victoria Harbour

5.6.2015 Art in MTR - Living Art
Haydn - Armida Overture

image03Learning with iLOrk