Articles (PDF document format)

Volume 19 2020

Vol 19 No 1:

Joseph Agassi

Piano Pedagogy as a Test Case*

Vol 19 No 2:

Yuki Morijiri

Impact of Creative Music Making and Improvisational Approaches for Non-Music Specialists: A Case Study in Teacher Education in Japan

Volume 18 2019

Vol 18 No 1:

Surasi Chanoksakul
Joseph L. Bowman

Curriculum Plan for Orchestral Trumpet Studies for Thailand's Undergraduate Music Students

Vol 18 No 2:

Prof. Ryan Daniel

Artists, identity, place: implications for higher education

Volume 17 2018

Vol 17 No 1:

Dr Kristina Kelman
Ms Sophie Loades
Professor Andy Arthurs

Preparing Students for Meaningful Entrepreneurial Careers:
Two Australian Case Studies

Vol 17 No 2:

Dr. Marina W. Y. Wong

Music Learning Outcomes and Music Teachers' Expectations:
Trialing an Adapted Music Curriculum for Students Aged 15-18 with Intellectual Disabilities in Hong Kong

Vol 17 No 3:

Prof. Lee-Chen Chen

Colorful Animals Party: A Study on the Design Concept and Effectiveness of Preschool Color Teaching Aids

Vol 17 No 4:

Kit Mei Betty Wong
Barbara Piscitelli

Learning about Culture: Young Children Exploring Heritage in a Museum

Volume 16 2017

Vol 16 No 1:

Angela Hao-Chun Lee, Ting-Wen Ko

Discovering Children's Understanding of, and Engagement with, Music through Drawing

Vol 16 No 2:

Kit Mei Betty Wong

Barbara Piscitelli

New Audiences for Art: Lessons from Visits of Young Children to
the Hong Kong Museum of Art

Vol 16 No 3:

Kim-ping Yim

Implementing "Care for Others" in the Hong Kong Arts Education Curriculum Guide (Primary 1 - Secondary 6): Prospects and Directions

Volume 15 2016

Vol 15 No 1:

Samuel Leong, Josephine Do, Yang He

Mobile Public Arts Spaces and Social Capital Building: A Hong Kong Perspective

Jill Smith

How European Art Teachers in New Zealand Are Enabling Asian and Pasifika Students to Tell Their Stories Through Visual Arts

Volume 14 2015

Vol 14 No 1:
Robyn Gibson, Josephine Fleming, Michael Anderson, Andrew Martin, David Sudmalis

Testing Times for the Arts

Vol 14 No 2:
Wing-Tai (Bobby) Hung, Jill Smith

Visual culture and art making in tertiary art schools: A 'snapshot' from Hong Kong and New Zealand

Vol 14 No 3:
Adrian Wong Foo Aik

Internalizing the ephemeral - Impact of process dramas on teachers' beliefs about drama education

Vol 14 No 4:
Chung Yim Lau

Senior Secondary Art Appreciation and Criticism and Students with Intellectual Disabilities: A Perfect Marriage or Not?

Vol 14 No 5:
Kim-ping Yim

Exploring the Affective Impact of War Photographs on Students' Moral and Intellectual Development

Volume 13 2014

Vol 13 No 1:
Ian Bowell

Participation in Community Arts Informs Teaching and Learning

Volume 12 2013

Vol 12 No 1:
Ebru Tuncer Boon

The Role of East Asian Mothers in Their Childrenˇ¦s Musical Lives

Vol 12 No 2:
Chee Hoo LUM, Siew Ling CHUA

Reframing through Reflective and Reflexive Inquiry:
Experiences of Singapore Music Teachersˇ¦ Professional Learning Journey


Volume 11 2012 (Special Issue)

Vol 11 No 1: (Special Issue)
Andrea Baldwin and Brad Haseman

Life Drama: An Arts Education Response to Social and Cultural Challenges in Papua New Guinea

Vol 11 No 2: (Special Issue)
Bruce Burton, Penny Bundy and Robyn Ewing

Investigating Theatre Literacy in the TheatreSpace:
The Impact of Learning, Knowledge and Experience of Theatre Performance on the Engagement of Young People in Theatre

Vol 11 No 3: (Special Issue)
Rea Dennis

Developing Creative Citizens through Experiential Learning Environments in Applied Drama

Vol 11 No 4: (Special Issue)
Estella Wong Yuen Ping

Striving for a High Quality Drama Educator Training Programme

Vol 11 No 5: (Special Issue)
Janinka Greenwood

Strategic artistry:
Using drama processes to develop critical literacy and democratic citizenship

Vol 11 No 6: (Special Issue)
Robin Pascoe and Richard Sallis

Perspectives on Drama Teacher Education in Australia

Vol 11 No 7: (Special Issue)
Michelle Reyes Raquel

Towards a Framework for Assessing English through Drama:
A Dynamic Assessment Approach

Vol 11 No 8: (Special Issue)
Jack Shu

Children as the Oppressed or Oppressors to Parents?
- A Theatrical Observation

Vol 11 No 9: (Special Issue)
Tsai Chi-chang

The Theatre and Its Socio-Educational Role in Modern Taiwan

Vol 11 No 10: (Special Issue)
Lynn Yau

Drama Education & Policy:
The Public Learning-scape

Vol 11 No 11: (Special Issue)
Matthew DeCoursey

Dramatic Art for Second Language Education:
Appropriate Process Objectives for Hong Kong Schools

Volume 10 2012

Vol 10 No 1:
Wesley Imms

Masculinity and Visual Culture

Vol 10 No 2:
Cecily Cheo and Khristian Joy Millan

Mapping Research in Visual Arts Education in Singapore

Vol 10 No 3:
Robyn Gibson

Are The Arts Still As Elusive As The White Rabbit?

Volume 9 2011

Vol 9 No 1:
Nantida Chandransu

Music Education Policies and their Implementation in the Higher Education System in Thailand: What Does the Future Hold?

Vol 9 No 2:
Richard G. Whitbread
Samuel Leong

Music Education and the Culture of Assessment:
A Hong Kong Secondary School Perspective

Volume 8 2010

Vol 8 No 1:
SHIU Chuen-Jiang
I Bin

The Possibility of Replacing Visual Sense with Tactile Sense in the Spatial Representation of the Blind

Vol 8 No 2:
Mei-Ling LAI

A Comparative Study of Curriculum Policies and Practices in Arts Education in Hong Kong and Taiwan in the 21st Century

Vol 8 No 3:
Sai Ying Tse
Samuel Leong

A Mentoring Approach to Enhancing Early Childhood Music Education: A Hong Kong Case Study

Vol 8 No 4:
Barry Kwok-yeung LEE

ICT integration in primary school music education:
Experience of pioneering countries and its implications for implementation
in Hong Kong

Volume 7 2009

Vol 7 No1:
Wong Kit Mei, Betty
PISCITELLI, Barbara Ann Independent research

Early childhood art education in Hong Kong:
Is any theory informing practice?


Volume 6 2008

Vol 6 No1: Yu-sien LIN

Applying Drama in Taiwan's primary curriculum:
The reality and difficulties through primary school teachers' viewpoints

Vol 6 No2: LAU Wing Chi, Margaret

Using singing games in music lessons to enhance young childrenˇ¦s social skills