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Message from Programme Leader

Key Visual of BA(HOD)


Message from Programme Leader


It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you this unique and innovative programme, BA (Hons) in Human and Organizational Development [BA(HOD)]. This pioneer programme has been launched since Sep 2014, it provides initial training for committed students who are interested in careers that involve finding solutions to human and developmental problems in organizations and communities.

The BA(HOD) is the first and only one of its kind at an undergraduate level in Hong Kong and the region. It provides new ways of thinking about people and how organizations work:

-  It appreciates and addresses the interplay of human and system components within organizations whose mission is to build community wellbeing, capacity and progress.

-  It deals with human development in the broader sense – it is not limited to people management, but more about human flourishing and contribution to the organization as well as the community; it is about organizational development – not growing of business but growth of the organization’s capabilities and ecosystem.

The programme adopts an interdisciplinary and integrative approach that connects theory and practice through a suite of courses ranging from psychology, organization study, counselling, leadership, community and international development, to general education and service learning. We sincerely hope that students will enjoy the learning journey and be well groomed over the next few years to manage and effect changes in various types of organizations in the future, thereby building a sustainable ecology of communities that can stand up to challenges and pursue growth and goals.

Dr. Teresa NG
Programme Leader


Key Visual


The key visual of the BA(HOD) shows the University's seven Generic Intended Learning Outcomes that underpin the total learning experiences of the programme. They help transform our graduates to become professionally competent, intellectually active, socially caring, globally aware, and morally responsible citizens.