25 November 2020

ASA held the 2020 Annual General Meeting with election of ExCo members. Following ASA's Consitution, the meeting was followed up by the election  of ExCo's office bearers on 3 November 2020.


15 June 2020

ASA as an organization co-signed the Letter of  反對「香港區國安法」聯署 Petition against the Hong Kong National Security Law to Mr Li Zhanshu, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (NPCSC) with Copy to Chairman of the NPCSC Legislative Affairs Commission (全国人大常委法制工作委員會) and Members of the HKSAR Basic Law Committee (香港特別行政區基本法委員會)



22 April 2020

ASA co-signed the following joint statement:


反對政治干預文憑試 不容損害考生利益-聯署行動


1. 香港考試及評核局是獨立法定機構,並不從屬於教育局。考評局執行香港中學文憑試,每個科目均設有專業的擬題和審批機制。至於試卷評分,則分由不涉及擬題的閱卷員負責。專業機制獲大學界、中學界及國際社會認受。

2. 一條試題是否恰當,不能基於坊間部分人士的感受作決定,而是應該交由教育業界判斷。我們同時質疑教育局內不公開姓名的公務員有沒有足夠的學術水平作出判斷。

3. 目前中學文憑試試卷,試題設計及分布,均涵蓋測試不同能力考生的表現。當局貿然取消試卷某一題目,破壞試卷考核的完整性,對不同能力的考生造成不公,更影響試卷以至科目的國際認受性。

4. 每名考生在有限時間內應答試卷,必定會按自己能力調節答題策略,部分考生可能多花時間於自己熟悉的試題,以爭取成績表現。考生完成試題,尚未得到評分就被取消題目,對考生極不公平。這是政治決定凌駕考生利益。

5. 香港中學文憑試向來受到國際資歷認可,教育局在欠缺研究基礎下要求考評局取消試題,將在國際社會留下極負面印象。我們憂慮今次政治決定將影響考生所獲成績在國際的認受性。

6. 考評局作為獲國際認證的考試機構,應以一貫的專業捍衛考試的公信力,拒絕接受教育局的廢除試題要求,向任何政治干預說不。

7. 教育局是次決定實以政治凌駕教育專業和學生利益。我們在此嚴正要求教育局局長楊潤雄立即收回相關言論及向受影響考生道歉!





                                                                                                                                                               28 April 2020

ASAEdUHK Statement on a Police Commissioner’s Letter to the President of EdUHK


The Academic Staff Association of The Education University of Hong Kong (ASAEdUHK) is concerned about the letter [1] written by the Police Commissioner Mr. Chris Tang Ping-Keung to the President of The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) Prof. Stephen Cheung Yan-Leung on 27 April 2020 regarding the remarks made by Mr. Sam Choi Chun-Wai, Lecturer at the Department of Asian and Policy Studies of EdUHK, in an episode of RTHK program November last year [2].

The ASAEdUHK would like to reiterate that all scholars in this university are members of a learned profession who are entitled to freedom of speech and academic freedom set out in the Basic Law of Hong Kong [3].

Moreover, the mission statement of EdUHK states that the University will “provide a multidisciplinary learning and research environment beyond education that is conducive to intellectual pursuits, free thinking and speech, advocacy of policy and practice” [4].

Therefore, the ASAEdUHK believes that every scholar in EdUHK is entitled to express his or her views on matters of public concern.

The ASAEdUHK also wants to reassert that we will try our best to defend the freedom of speech and academic freedom of every academic and teaching staff at this university.




[1] https://images.app.goo.gl/fmdse5Bm7k57x6Lv7

[2] RTHK has removed the episode from its platforms. For details of the episode, please read this news report: https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/law-and-crime/article/3081804/hong-kong-police-chief-tells-university-look-lecturers

[3] Article 27, Article 34

[4] https://www.eduhk.hk/main/about-us/vision-mission/   


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聲援香港教育大學亞洲及政策研究學系蔡俊威講師聯署 「捍衛大學自主 停止干預打壓」A joint letter to support Mr Choi Chun Wai, Lecturer of Department of Asian and Policy Studies, EdUHK Defend university autonomy, stop intervention and suppression (Bilingual)  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdKzLASKzTKcTEmaLQnEWwqJzU6zivo6ppoFPjCI7FiScGFUg/viewform





Tree dedication ceremony in memory of Professor Luk Hung-kay Bernard

On 8 April 2019, a Tree Dedication Ceremony in memory of Professor Luk Hung Kay Bernard took place in the lawn in front of the Early Childhood Learning Centre in Taipo Campus. It was a solemn, warm and happy occasion attended by over 50 colleagues and friends. The ceremony was organized by the Academic Staff Association of The Education University of Hong Kong. 


Dr Chan Kit Wa Antia was the master of ceremony for this event.  Dr Lai Kwok Chan, Hon Ip Kin Yuen, Dr Choi Po King Dora, and Mr Au Kin Ho Victor* delivered short but heartfelt speeches.  Dr Wong Wai Ying  prepared music performance “In Praise of Teacher” with an introduction. Dr Leung Chin Hin arranged this live music, together with Miss Chan Hin Man on the clarinet and Mr Lau Wing Shun on the piano.

One participant said, “The sun, the trees, the grass…our speakers, the music and students……it cannot be more Bernard than this…..”

This event also received support from Fatima Lee, the wife of Prof Luk Hung Kay Bernard,  Fatima wrote in an email, “Bernard loved trees, the Phoenix tree especially symbolizes rising from ashes, which is all the more meaningful.”

Participants held a moment of silence in Professor Bernard Luk’s memory, with which the ceremony ended at around 5:45pm.

*former chairperson of student union at the Hong Kong Institute of education


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Status and mission of ASAEdUHK

The Academic Staff Association of The Education University of Hong Kong (ASAEdUHK) was first established in 1965  as the “Association of Lecturers at Colleges of Education.” Today,  ASAEdUHK and its constitution are registered as a trade union under Section 5 of the Trade Unions Ordinance of the Hong Kong SAR.

Among others, ASAEdUHK is concerned with:

  1. Academic freedom and university autonomy, hence, also with promotion and tenure process of academic staff members

  2. Effective implementation of international labour conventions

  3. Legislation in the interests of its members such as just and proper salary, hours of work and well-being

  4. Spirit of mutual respect and understanding between the Senior Management of The Education University of Hong Kong and the Association by securing a recognized and permanent channel of negotiation

  5. Monitoring disputes among members as well as between members and other parties

  6. Affiliation to a larger trade union or federation with comparable goals and mission

We ASAEdUHK is a component of and affiliated to The Confederation of Tertiary Institutes Staff Unions (CTISU) together with seven other trade unions of Hong Kong higher education institutions. ASAEdUHK became a part of the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU) in 2013.