About Us


Assessment is ubiquitous. As long as we need to know how well someone (e.g. a student, a teacher, a manager, etc.) or something (e.g. an item, a project, a company, etc.) perform; make decisions on grade, promotion, or funding; set standards for further development; gain feedback for improvement; or motivate ourselves or our fellows toward positive changes, we need assessment, no matter in which territories, cultures, or fields we are.

As one of the few university or institute level research centres specialising in assessment, Assessment Research Centre (ARC), established in 2009, is committed to lead the research and development (R&D) of assessment in education at local, regional, and international levels. We understand the importance of assessment in enhancing the education system, creating favourable environment for teaching and learning, and strengthening the capability of educators and students. Therefore, we strive to generate and disseminate new knowledge in assessment and evaluation, hoping to contribute to the educational advancement.