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研究資助局;優配研究金;公共政策研究資助及策略性公共政策研究資助(香港);澳洲研究委員會(Discovery & Linkage Grant Scheme);國家自然科學基金委員會(中國);新加坡教育部學術研究資助計劃(新加坡); 中央政策組研究資助(香港); 洛克菲勒基金會(紐約)等等。

項目研究員 / 統籌
Opening the black box of a multicomponent intervention for informal dementia caregivers: A randomized controlled trial using the Multiphase Optimization Strategy (MOST).
HMRF - Health and Health Services (former HHSRF) $1,470,200.00
Public Support for Social Inclusion Policies
PICO: Public Policy Research Funding Scheme $523,250.00
Protecting older people from loneliness during the coronavirus (Covid-19) and other novel infectious disease pandemic 保護在疫症中的長者免於孤獨
RGC: Collaborative Research Fund 2020/2021 One-off CRF Coronavirus and Novel Infectious Diseases Research Exercise (HK$ 5,487,015)
Integration of Health Services for Older Persons in the Urban Context: An Analysis of Practices in Select Countries in the Asia-Pacific Region
The World Health Organization. US$30,000
Accommodating Chinese Nationalism in Colonial Hong Kong – Emerging Chinese Nationalism Among College Students in the 1970s
RGC: General Research Fund 2020/21 (Humanities and Arts Discipline, HK$ 516,374)
The Dynamics of Policy Experimentation in the Social Policy Sphere: Policy Innovation and Diffusion in China’s Public Hospital Reform
RGC: General Research Fund 2020/21 (Social and Behavioural Discipline, HK$ 618,000)
High-skilled migration policies of Chinese cities: variation and explanations
RGC: General Research Fund 2020/21 (Social and Behavioural Sciences Discipline, HK$ 477,144)
Performance-based Regulation of Mass Transit Railway's Reliability Performance 港鐵可靠性的績效監管
PICO: Public Policy Research Funding Scheme (HK$568,040)
Public Attitude to Violence in Hong Kong Social Unrest 在社會動盪中市民對暴力的態度
PICO: Public Policy Research Funding Scheme (Special Round) (HK$ 500,000)
Lina Vyas博士
Advancing Job and Health-associated Outcomes for Employees of Small and Medium Enterprises in Hong Kong: A Study on Workplace Supervisor Support with Smartphone-based and Capacity-building Interventions. 推進香港中小企業員工的工作與健康果效:利用智能手機及能力建設干預措施對工作主管支持進行研究
PICO: Public Policy Research Funding Scheme ($ 882,395)
Hong Kong's Professional Sector under Regionalization. 區域化底下香港專業界別的狀況
PICO: Public Policy Research Funding Scheme ($835,130)
To Claim or Not to Claim: Towards a Better Understanding of the Take-up Rates of Welfare Schemes Targeting Hong Kong Older Adults and the Stigma Attached to Them. 申領或不申領:了解長者社會保障計劃參與率及其負面的標籤
PICO: Public Policy Research Funding Scheme ($898,610)
Effects of Future-time Perspective and Goal Clarity Intervention on Financial Preparation for Old Age in Hong Kong 老年公共轉移對長者的影嚮:香港長津
RGC: General Research Fund($1,332,256)
Immigration policies and attitudes toward highly skilled immigrants in Hong Kong
RGC: General Research Fund($457,340)
Darryl Jarvis教授
Policy Transfer and Convergence: Multilateral Agencies and the Transfer of Competition and Regulatory Policy in Asia (2019 - 2022)
RGC: General Research Fund($480,400)