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Constitution of the
“The EdUHK Department of Asian and Policy Studies Alumni Association”


Article 1      Name 

The association shall be known as “The EdUHK Department of Asian and Policy Studies Alumni Association”.

The name of the association in Chinese is:

Article 2       Terms

For purposes of interpreting this Constitution, the use of these terms shall refer to the following:

2.1 The Association, to refer to “The EdUHK Department of Asian and Policy Studies Alumni Association”, unless otherwise stated.

2.2 University or EdUHK, to refer to The Education University of Hong Kong, unless otherwise stated.

2.3 Department or DAPS, to refer to the Department of Asian and Policy Studies, unless otherwise stated.

Article 3      Address

The registered address of the Association shall be:  ROOM 2309, YIU PING HOUSE, YIU ON ESTATE, MA ON SHAN, SHATIN, N.T.

Article 4      Objectives

The Association is established in pursuit of five major objectives:

4.1 Foster unity, camaraderie and professional relationship with and among its members.

4.2 Establish a direct link between the Department and the Association, providing a formal channel of communication and collaboration.

4.3 Contribute to the growth and development of the Department and the University, the improvement of their programs and services, and the enhancement of their reach, particularly in areas or countries where the Association members are from or may have contacts in.

4.4 Undertake projects in support of student leadership and initiative, scholarship, community service, and environmental stewardship.

4.5 Develop a ready pool of experts and professionals that the Department and its students can tap for academic or career advancement purposes.

Article 5      Membership

Membership with the Association shall be governed by the following:

5.1 Types of Membership

5.1a Lifetime Members

Lifetime members are graduates of the undergraduate or graduate programs of the Department at the University.  They shall have voting rights during the General Assembly.

5.1b Associate Members

Associate members are former or current teaching or support staff of the Department at the University. They shall have no voting rights during the General Assembly.

5.1c Student Members

Student members are students in either undergraduate or graduate programs of the Department who are in their final year. They shall have no voting rights during the General Assembly.

Upon graduation, a student member formally informs the Executive Committee in writing to change his/her membership to Lifetime Member.

5.2 Application and Confirmation of Membership

5.2a    Membership is not automatic.  Those interested to become members of the Association shall fill out a “Membership Application Form”.

5.2b   The Executive Committee approves the application for membership for it to be considered final.

5.3 Membership fee is not required.

Article 6      Management

6.1 Executive Committee

6.1a For purposes of management, an Executive Committee shall head the Association.

6.1b The Executive Committee shall be composed of six (6) officers who shall all be Lifetime Members and shall serve for a term of two (2) fiscal years:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Public Relations Officer (HK and English)
  • Public Relations Officer (Mandarin)

6.1b The Executive Committee shall coordinate with a designated representative from the Department on its decisions, and shall, depending on need, invite the same designated representative to its meetings.

6.2 Sub-committees

6.2a Sub-committees, with recommendatory functions and reporting to the Executive Committee, shall be created with their respective Heads:

  • Projects Sub-Committee, headed by the Chairperson
  • Membership Sub-Committee, co-headed by the Vice Chairperson and Secretary
  • Marketing and Communications Sub-Committee, co-headed by the two Public Relations Officers
  • Finance Sub-Committee, headed by the Treasurer

6.2b Majority of the members in the Sub-Committee shall be Lifetime Members. Associate Members and Student Members shall also be encouraged to join the different Sub-Committees. The Executive Committee shall confirm the composition of the Sub-Committees.

Article 7      Advisors

7.1 The Executive Committee may from time to time in its discretion and on such terms as it thinks fit, appoint persons, competent in and/or concerned with matters of interest to the Association to be Advisors of the Association.  Such Advisors shall advise the Association and/or the Executive Committee generally or specifically on any issue, subject or matter. They shall have no voting rights during the General Assembly.

7.2 The Head of the Department of Asian and Policy Studies shall be the Ex-officio Advisor of the Association.

Article 8       Elections

8.1 Elections shall be conducted during the General Assembly, biennially or once every two years, on a Saturday, three (3) months preceding the expiration of the terms of the Executive Committee.

8.2 Elections shall be open for the six (6) positions comprising the Executive Committee: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and two Public Relations Officers.

8.3 Elections shall be guided by a two-thirds majority of the Lifetime Members present at the election.

8.4 Elections shall be presided by a Special Committee composed of Lifetime Members but excluding incumbent Executive Committee members.

8.5 Elections shall take place at a mutually convenient venue.

8.6 Elections shall be advertised three (3) months before elections are conducted.

Article 9       Meetings

9.1 Three types of meetings shall guide the Association:

9.1a General Assembly

This shall be done biennially, on a Saturday, three (3) months preceding the start of a new fiscal year. Best effort shall be made to ensure the attendance of all members of the Association.

Decisions in the General Assembly shall be final when approved by two-thirds of the Lifetime Members present during elections.

During the General Assembly, the following shall be achieved:

  • Election of Officers (Executive Committee)
  • Chairperson’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Presentation of Ongoing and/or Future Projects
  • Open Forum

9.1b Executive Committee Meetings

Executive Committee Meetings shall take place quarterly on a mutually convenient schedule. A quorum is declared when two-thirds of the Executive Committee members are present.

9.1c Special Meetings

The Executive Committee shall call for a special meeting with its Sub-Committees as deemed necessary.

Article 10    Finances

10.1 The Executive Committee shall approve all expenditures and financial transactions of the Association.

10.2 The Treasurer shall head the management, monitoring and reporting of the finances of the Association.

10.3 The Treasurer shall produce an annual financial statement and a biennial consolidated financial report for presentation to the Association during the General Assembly.

Article 11    Records and Personal Data

11.1 The Secretary shall keep all records pertaining to the Association, including the Constitution, minutes, communications, reports, and newsletter and marketing materials.

11.2 The Executive Committee and its delegates shall comply with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance in the handling of the personal data collected and/or processed by the Association.

Article 12    Amendments

Any amendment to this Constitution shall be approved by the Executive Committee subject to the confirmation of two-thirds of the Lifetime Members present during the General Assembly.