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Kim Tsui Ka-ho

BSocScEd(GCS) Graduate (2012/13)

After graduating from Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) in 2013, I subsequently joined Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd. as an Assistant Project coordinator. I have been taking part in different construction projects, such as residential projects, A&A works of commercial building and shopping centre renovation. This job has been very challenging for me since I did not possess any engineering knowledge. However, I do relish the challenge and am excited to learn new things on a daily basis.

The undergraduate programme of Greater China Studies helped me become an ambitious learner, to be more presentable and detail-oriented. The undergraduate training brushed up my understanding of hot issues in Greater China as well as my generic skills. Professional knowledge can be learned on the job but schools are always the best training ground for critical thinkers. To me, an undergraduate degree is not the last stop of learning. However, it should be the place where the transition of being a “spoon-fed” learner to becoming a “self-learner takes place.

My undergraduate training allowed me to be well equipped and offered possibilities everywhere. Determined to be a lifelong learner, I am now studying a Master Degree from The University of Hong Kong. I feel very thankful for being a graduate of this Programme.