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Specialised Area: Asian and Policy Studies

(Subject to Final Approval)

The specialised area of Asian and Policy Studies will introduce students the ways of critically analysing policy questions within a broad social, economic and political context, considering contemporary developments in both public and social policy developments in institutional, local, national and global contexts. It will enable them to explore existing policy issues and practices, and apply the insights to examine the current challenges Asia and the world are facing.

The world has never been more in need of understanding how governance and government works and how best policy practice could help effect better change. The sheer extent, scope, and cost of the intervention of government in society, the economy, and world affairs makes the study of public policy essential for a participation to keep the culture of democracy vibrant. Similarly, the amount of spending by government at all levels makes this an important topic to be understood. Challenges faced by the world these days: Climate, human rights, populism and aging makes it all the more relevant to offer Asian and Policy Studies as a specialised area for the EdD programme.

Programme Structure

To complete the programme, students are required to complete a total of 72 credit points. The programme structure is provided below:

Category Credit Points (cps)
Taught Core Courses Conceptualizing Research 3
Research Methods I 3
Research Methods II 3
2 Specialised Courses* 6*
2 Elective Courses* 6*
Research Seminars 3
Development of Thesis Proposal 6
Thesis 42
Total 72

*2 specialised courses and 2 elective courses are developed for the specialised area – Asian and Policy Studies.

Specialised Courses

  • Principles of Policy Studies
  • Higher Education in Asia: Policy Approaches and Management

Elective Courses

  • Organisational Analysis and Behaviour
  • Strategic Communication in Policy Governance and Policy Advocacy


Department of Asian and Policy Studies, The Education University of Hong Kong