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Unleash your research potential at APS: EdUHK doesn’t only train teachers but also young policy scholars!

Founded in 2012, the Department of Asian and Policy Studies (APS) of The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) offers four taught-degree master and bachelor programs. We also train research postgraduate students (PhD and MPhil) since then. A new specialization in policy studies is also to be launched under the umbrella Doctor of Education (EdD) program (subject to final approval) in 2021.

APS is dedicated to groom our doctoral students into highly capable young scholars in public policy, by training them with not only state-of-the-field theories but also essential methodological tools. The Department’s recognized strength in public policy, social welfare, public management, communication studies, and international political economy is underpinned by a team of outstanding faculty members with established reputation in the field. Fully funded by various scholarship schemes, our research students are also eligible for generous financial support from the University and the Department to facilitate their research work. Offered with precious opportunities to teach undergraduate students and serve as tutors for master students, our PhD students are able to get hands-on teaching experience that are invaluable for their academic career in the near future.

We are extremely proud that 60% of our current PhD students are awardees of the prestigious Hong Kong PhD Fellowship, the city’s flagship scholarship program offered by the University Grants Committee as well as the Education Bureau’s Belt and Road Scholarship. Such a high percentage of ownership of external competitive scholarships is very exceptional in Hong Kong’s public universities, and speaks volumes of APS’ quality of PhD training.

APS has one of the most international teams of PhD students in the EdUHK, with students coming from Russia, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Turkey, Thailand, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. Our students hold bachelor and master degrees from leading universities in Asia and even around the world: London School of Economics, University College London, National University of Singapore, University of Hong Kong, Colorado State University, Moscow State University, Sun Yat-sen University, Renmin University of China, and National Graduate Institute for Public Policy of Japan.

Our PhD graduates have all secured enviable academic positions in reputable universities in the region, appointed as assistant professors in Lingnan University, South China University of Technology, and South China Normal University. Come to know some of our rising stars and see their stunning research achievements!









Dr Alex Yuefeng Zhu

PhD (EdUHK), MA (EdUHK), MSc (Colorado State University), BA (Renmin University of China)

Currently Research Assistant Professor at the Division of Graduate Studies, Lingnan University

PhD Supervisor: Professor Kee Lee Chou

Selected publications:

Zhu, A. Y. F. (2019). Financial risk tolerance of Hong Kong adolescents: a hierarchical model. Children and Youth Services Review, 102, 193-200 (SSCI Q1).

Zhu, A. Y. F., Chan, A. L. S., & Chou, K. L. (2019). Creative social media use and political participation in young people: The moderation and mediation role of online political expression. Journal of Adolescence, 77, 108-117 (SSCI Q2)

Zhu, A. Y. F., Yu, C. W. M., & Chou, K. L. (2019). Improving Financial Literacy in Secondary School Students: A Randomized Experiment. Youth and Society, (SSCI Q2).

Zhu, A. Y. F., & Chou, K. L. (2018). Development of Financial Capacity in Adolescents. Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, 35(3), 309-315 (SSCI Q2).

Zhu, A. Y. F., & Chou, K. L. (2018). Financial Literacy among Hong Kong’s Chinese Adolescents: Testing the Validity of a Scale and Evaluating Two Conceptual Models. Youth and Society, 52(4), 548-573 (SSCI Q2).

Zhu, A. Y. F., & Chou, K. L. (2018). Retirement goal clarity, needs estimation, and saving amount: Evidence from Hong Kong, China. Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning29(2), 328-342.

Chou, K. L., Yu, K. M., Chan, W. S., Wu, A. M., Zhu, A. Y. F.*, & Lou, V. W. Q. (2015). Perceived retirement savings adequacy in Hong Kong: An interdisciplinary financial planning model. Ageing and Society35(8), 1565-1586 (SSCI Q2).

Chou, K. L., Yu, K. M., Chan, W. S., Chan, A. C. M., Lum, T. Y. S., & Zhu, A. Y. F. (2014). Social and psychological barriers to private retirement savings in Hong Kong. Journal of Aging and Social Policy26(4), 308-323 (SSCI Q3).

Zhu, A. Y. F. (2018). Validating the scale measuring dysfunctional parenting with Hong Kong adolescents. Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, 35(5), 489-498 (SSCI Q3).

Zhu, A. Y. F. (2018). Parental socialization and financial capability among Chinese adolescents in Hong Kong. Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 39(4), 566-576 (SSCI Q3).

Zhu, A. Y. F., Chan, A. L. S., & Chou, K. L. (2020). The Pathway toward Radical Political Participation among Young People in Hong Kong: A Communication Mediation Approach. East Asia, 37(1), 45-62.

Zhu, A. Y. F., & Chou, K. L. (2020). Hong Kong’s Transition toward a Knowledge

Economy: Analyzing Effect of Overeducation on Wages between 1991 and 2011. Journal of the Knowledge Economy, 11, 103-113.










Dr Genghua Huang

PhD (EdUHK), MPhil (South China University of Technology), BSocSc (Sun Yat-sen University)

Currently Research Assistant Professor at the Division of Graduate Studies, Lingnan University

PhD Supervisor: Professor Ka Ho Mok; Associate Professor Alex Jingwei He

Selected publications:

He, J., & Huang, G. (2015) Fighting for Migrant Labour Rights in the World’s Factory: legitimacy, resource constraints and strategies of grassroots migrant labour NGOs in South China, Journal of Contemporary China, 24:93, 471-492 (SSCI Q1)

Ngok, K. L., & Huang, G. (2014). Policy paradigm shift and the changing role of the state: The development of social policy in China since 2003. Social Policy and Society, 13(2), 251-261 (SSCI Q1).

Mok, K. H., Kuhner, S., & Huang, G. (2017). The productivist construction of selective welfare pragmatism in China. Social Policy and Administration, 51(6), 876-897 (SSCI Q1).

Mok, K. H., & Huang, G. (2013). Resident evaluation and expectation of social services in Guangzhou. Journal of Current Chinese Affairs42(3), 7-28.

Mok, K. H., & Huang, G. (2014). Asserting the “public” in welfare provision: a study of resident evaluation and expectation of social services in Guangzhou, China. In Managing social change and social policy in greater China: Welfare regimes in transition (pp. 111-125). Routledge.











Dr Flora Xiaofang Wu

PhD (EdUHK), MPhil (Nanjing University), BA (Hohai University)

Currently Assistant Professor at School of Public Administration, South China Normal University

PhD Supervisor: Professor Ka Ho Mok

Selected publication:

Mok, K.H. and Wu, X.F. * (2013) Dual Decentralization in China’s Transitional Economy: Welfare Regionalism and Policy Implications for Central-Local Relationship, Policy & Society, Vol. 32, pp. 61-75. (SSCI Q1)








Mr Herbary Yu Zhang (Thailand)

MPhi (Lingnan University), BA (National University of Singapore; Chiang Mai University)

PhD Supervisor: Assistant Professor Isabella F.S. Ng

Recent publications:

Zhang, Y. H. (Forthcoming). Engendering Migration Journey: Identity and Belonging of Middle-Class Thai Migrant Women in Hong Kong. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Ng, I., and Zhang, Y. H. (Forthcoming). Navigating the Ethnic Boundary: From ‘In-Between’ to Plural Ethnicities among Thai Middle-Class Migrant Women in Hong Kong, Journal of Sociology (SSCI Q1).

Zhang, Y. H. (2021). “From Thailand to Hong Kong: The Engendering Journey for Thai Migrant Women to Reinvent Womanhood”, South East Asia Research.

Zhang, Y. H. (2020). “Identity Negotiation of Thai Female Migrants in Hong Kong: Under the Gaze of Buddhism”, Journal of the Siam Society, 108(1), 113-126.

Zhang, Y. H. (2020). “«Redéfinition de la masculinité des hommes indonésiens restés au pays dans les cas de mobilités et migrations transnationales de la femme», Moussons: Recherche en sciences humaines sur l’Asie du Sud-Est, n°35, 187-211.









Mr Yuda Shi

LLM (University of Hong Kong), BSocSc (South China Medical University)

PhD Supervisor: Associate Professor Alex Jingwei He

Recent publication:

He, J., Shi, Y.*, and Liu, H. (2020). Crisis governance, Chinese style: Distinctive features of China’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Policy Design and Practice, (online first).


We are now inviting applications to EdUHK’s PhD programs of 2021/22 Academic Year. Full scholarships are generously provided. The APS Department is also about to launch the specialisation in policy studies under EdUHK’s EdD program in 2021. Please don’t hesitate to visit our website for more information