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Tim Tsz Wing-li

Selfie of Tim Tsz Wing-li (far right) with fellow Dragonair Colleagues.

BSocScEd(GCS) Graduate (2013/14)


My name is Tim or you can call me Tsz Wing. I graduated last year in 2014 and I am currently working as a flight attendant with Hong Kong Dragon Airline Limited (Dragonair).

For me, Greater China Studies (GCS) is a knowledgeable and informative Programme, it contained a wide range of information on the Greater China region as well as offering an international perspective, and for example, the Programme covered history, politics and law study, pedagogy, gender study and the relationship on Greater China region. The Programme also included a variety of elective subjects to choose from depending on your own interest. For me, I selected some communication base subjects during each semester, such as interpersonal, teaching and workplace communication.

This Programme helped broaden my vision and allowed me to train my critical thinking abilities through group discussions, group projects and individual assignments. Although the majority of the data can be found in reference books, academic papers or in the Internet, but in order to finish an academic project you are required to do a lot of group discussions, analysis and referencing with your team mates. As result, this Programme really enhances your personal abilities to work in a team setting.

The communication electives were very useful in my daily life as a flight attendant because I always need to start a conversation with the passengers. The verbal and non-verbal communication skills that I learned helped to improve the quality of the conversations that I am engaged in, whether it is with my colleagues or passengers onboard.

Lastly, I want to share some happy moments with all of you as a flight attendant. Cheers!