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Research Projects

The Department of Asian and Policy Studies (APS) research and development work emphasizes academic rigor, professional relevance and social relevance. The Department fosters multi-disciplinary research to expand the scope of disciplines, enrich research capacity and deliver a more comprehensive approach to promote advance knowledge transfer for professional improvement and policy formulation. The projects we engage in, contributes to educational development to the community and the profession.

The Department’s faculties have been recognized for their scholarship with the award of various competitive peer reviewed grants, including grants from the Research Grants Council; General Research Fund; Public Policy Research Grant and Strategic Public Policy Research Grant (Hong Kong); Australian Research Council (Discovery & Linkage Grant Scheme); National Natural Science Foundation of China; Ministry of Education Academic Research Grants Scheme (Singapore); Central Policy Unit Research Grants (Hong Kong); and the Rockefeller Foundation (New York), among others.

Prof CHOU Kee Lee
Opening the black box of a multicomponent intervention for informal dementia caregivers: A randomized controlled trial using the Multiphase Optimization Strategy (MOST).
HMRF - Health and Health Services (former HHSRF) $1,470,200.00
Dr LEE Siu-yau
Public Support for Social Inclusion Policies
PICO: Public Policy Research Funding Scheme $523,250.00
Prof CHOU Kee Lee
Protecting older people from loneliness during the coronavirus (Covid-19) and other novel infectious disease pandemic 保護在疫症中的長者免於孤獨
RGC: Collaborative Research Fund 2020/2021 One-off CRF Coronavirus and Novel Infectious Diseases Research Exercise (HK$ 5,487,015)
Dr Alex He Jingwei
Integration of Health Services for Older Persons in the Urban Context: An Analysis of Practices in Select Countries in the Asia-Pacific Region
The World Health Organization. US$30,000
Prof LUI Tai-lok
Accommodating Chinese Nationalism in Colonial Hong Kong – Emerging Chinese Nationalism Among College Students in the 1970s
RGC: General Research Fund 2020/21 (Humanities and Arts Discipline, HK$ 516,374)
Dr Alex He Jingwei
The Dynamics of Policy Experimentation in the Social Policy Sphere: Policy Innovation and Diffusion in China’s Public Hospital Reform
RGC: General Research Fund 2020/21 (Social and Behavioural Discipline, HK$ 618,000)
Dr LEE Siu-yau
High-skilled migration policies of Chinese cities: variation and explanations
RGC: General Research Fund 2020/21 (Social and Behavioural Sciences Discipline, HK$ 477,144)
Prof Woo Chi-keung
Performance-based Regulation of Mass Transit Railway's Reliability Performance 港鐵可靠性的績效監管
PICO: Public Policy Research Funding Scheme (HK$568,040)
Prof CHOU Kee Lee
Public Attitude to Violence in Hong Kong Social Unrest 在社會動盪中市民對暴力的態度
PICO: Public Policy Research Funding Scheme (Special Round) (HK$ 500,000)
Dr Lina Vyas
Advancing Job and Health-associated Outcomes for Employees of Small and Medium Enterprises in Hong Kong: A Study on Workplace Supervisor Support with Smartphone-based and Capacity-building Interventions. 推進香港中小企業員工的工作與健康果效:利用智能手機及能力建設干預措施對工作主管支持進行研究
PICO: Public Policy Research Funding Scheme ($ 882,395)
Prof LUI Tai-Lok
Hong Kong's Professional Sector under Regionalization. 區域化底下香港專業界別的狀況
PICO: Public Policy Research Funding Scheme ($835,130)
Prof CHOU Kee Lee
To Claim or Not to Claim: Towards a Better Understanding of the Take-up Rates of Welfare Schemes Targeting Hong Kong Older Adults and the Stigma Attached to Them. 申領或不申領:了解長者社會保障計劃參與率及其負面的標籤
PICO: Public Policy Research Funding Scheme ($898,610)
Prof Chou Kee Lee
Effects of Future-time Perspective and Goal Clarity Intervention on Financial Preparation for Old Age in Hong Kong 老年公共轉移對長者的影嚮:香港長津
RGC: General Research Fund($1,332,256)
Dr Lee Siu Yau
Immigration policies and attitudes toward highly skilled immigrants in Hong Kong
RGC: General Research Fund($457,340)
Prof Darryl JARVIS
Policy Transfer and Convergence: Multilateral Agencies and the Transfer of Competition and Regulatory Policy in Asia (2019 - 2022)
RGC: General Research Fund($480,400)