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Research Publications

The Department of Asian and Policy Studies (APS) is a research intensive Department that prides itself on policy driven research focused on Asia. The Department’s faculty are engaged in research addressing education policy and the provision of educational services, health policy and social services, urban and housing policy, ageing and social policy, as well as regulation, energy sector, governance, and broader research issues focused on the political economy of Asian development and foreign and international policy in Asia.

The Department’s faculty is widely published in distinguished international journals and with leading publishing houses.

The Department holds regular research seminars as well as hosting a variety of research seminars provided by local and international visiting scholars.

Kartley, Kris
Fortress infrastructure and the future of urban policy: a playful prediction
Hartley, K., Kuecker, G., Waschak, M., Woo., J.J., & Phua, C. (eds.).
Governing cities: Asia's urban transformation
Hartley K.
The Politics and Policies of Regional Water Management in Southern China
Li, Q., & He, J.
Popular support for the social security system in urban China: evidence from a cross-sectional survey in a Chinese city
Zhu, A. Y. F., Chan, A. L. S.,& Chou, K. L
Creative social media use and political participation in young people: The moderation and mediation role of online political expression
Woo, C.K., J. Zarnikau, C.H. Tsai and S. Zhu
Cost-effectiveness of a modest expansion of renewable capacity in Texas. The Electricity Journal, 33, Article 106696.
Zarnikau, J., S. Zhu, C.K. Woo and C.H. Tsai
Texas’s operating reserve demand curve’s generation investment incentive. (Forthcoming)
He, J. and Ma, J.
Corporate policy entrepreneurship and cross-boundary strategies: How a private corporation champions mobile healthcare payment innovation in China?
Lee, S.Y., & Chou, K.L.
Assessing the relative contribution of social exclusion, income-poverty, and financial strain on depressive symptoms among older people in Hong Kong
Chiu, M.M., C.K. Woo, A. Shiu and B. Luo
Reducing costly free-rider effects via OASIS
Woo, C.K., I. Milstein, A. Tishler and J. Zarnikau
A wholesale electricity market design sans missing money and price manipulation
Darryl S.L. Jarvis & Giliberto Capano
Convergence and Diversity in the Governance of Higher Education: Comparative Perspectives (Forthcoming)
Woo, C.K., & Zarnikau, J.
Renewable energy's vanishing premium in Texas's retail electricity pricing plans.
Hartley, K., Tortajada, C. & Biswas, A. K.
A formal model concerning policy strategies to build public acceptance of potable water reuse
Fox Z.Y. H, George C.S. Lin, Anthony G.O. Yeh, Shenjinh He, Xingjian Liu
Reluctant policy innovation through profit concession and informality tolerance: A strategic relational view of policy entrepreneurship in China's urban redevelopment.