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Research Publications

The Department of Asian and Policy Studies (APS) is a research intensive Department that prides itself on policy driven research focused on Asia. The Department’s faculty are engaged in research addressing education policy and the provision of educational services, health policy and social services, urban and housing policy, ageing and social policy, as well as regulation, energy sector, governance, and broader research issues focused on the political economy of Asian development and foreign and international policy in Asia.

The Department’s faculty is widely published in distinguished international journals and with leading publishing houses.

The Department holds regular research seminars as well as hosting a variety of research seminars provided by local and international visiting scholars.

Kueker, G.,& Hartley, K.
How Smart Cities Became the Urban Norm: Power and Knowledge in New Songdo City.
Jiang, D., Warner, L.M., Chong, A.M., Li, T., Wolff, J.K.& Chou, K.L.
Promoting volunteering among older adults in Hong Kong: A randomized controlled trail
Vu, K., & Hartley, K.
Learning to Catch up in South East Asian
Ng, F.S.I.
Criminalizing the innocents: Social exclusion of asylum-seekers and refugees in Hong Kong
Ng, I.S.F
Yu, B., Vyas, L., & Wright E.
Cross-cultural transitions in a bilingual context: The interplays between bilingual, individual and interpersonal factors and adaptation.
Hartley, K., Kuecher, G.,& Woo, J.J.
Practicing public policy in an age of disruption
Ng, F.S.I
Hong Kong rural women under Chinese rule: Gender politics, reunification and globalisation in post-colonial Hong Kong
Zhu, A.Y.F, Yu, C.Y.M, & Chou, K.L.
Improving financial literacy in secondary school students: An randomized experiment
Ng, F.S.I., Choi, S.F. & Chan, A.L.
Framing the issue of asylum seekers and refugees for tougher refugee policy: A study of the media's portrayal in post-colonial Hong Kong
He, J.
Healthcare Policy and Reforms in Hong Kong
Hartley, K.
Unlocking the Potential of Civil Technology.
Woo, J.J.
Employing service learning in public policy education: An instructor's perspective
Woo J.J.
On the nature of the MPS
Kühner, S. & Chou, K.L.
Poverty alleviation, coverage and fiscal sustainability: Investigating the effect of a new social pension in Hong Kong