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Research Publications

The Department of Asian and Policy Studies (APS) is a research intensive Department that prides itself on policy driven research focused on Asia. The Department’s faculty are engaged in research addressing education policy and the provision of educational services, health policy and social services, urban and housing policy, ageing and social policy, as well as regulation, energy sector, governance, and broader research issues focused on the political economy of Asian development and foreign and international policy in Asia.

The Department’s faculty is widely published in distinguished international journals and with leading publishing houses.

The Department holds regular research seminars as well as hosting a variety of research seminars provided by local and international visiting scholars.

Brian C.H. Fong
State-Society Conflicts under Hong Kong's Hybrid Regime: Governing Coalition Building and Civil Society Challenges
Ng, I.F.S., Cheung, K.C.H. and Chou, K.L.
Symptoms of Eating Disorder in Middle-aged and Older Adults: Evidence from 2007 British National Psychiatric Morbidity Survey
Vyas, L., Jung, C.S. and Huque, A.S.
Challenges for Public Service Capacity and the Role of Public Employee Training as a Moderator in India
Chou, K.L., Ng, I.F.S. and Yu, K.M.
Lifetime Abstention of Sexual Intercourse and Health in Middle-aged and Older Adults: Results from Wave 2 of the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions
Chou, K.L. and Cheung, K.C.H.
Family Friendly Policies in the Workplace and their Effect on Work-life Conflicts in Hong Kong
Cerin, E., Macfarlane, D., Sit, H.P., Ho, S.Y., Johnston, J.M., Chou, K.L., Chan, W.M., Cheung, M.C. and Ho, K.S.
Effects of Built Environment on Walking among Hong Kong Older Adults
Chou, K.L. and Yu, K.M.
Atypical Depressive Symptoms and Obesity in Older Adults with Major Depressive Disorder: Results from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions
Chou, K.L. and Cheung, K.C.K.
Major Depressive Disorder in Vulnerable Groups of Older Adults, Their Course and Treatment and Psychiatric Comorbidit
Chou, K.L.
Chronic Fatigue and Affective Disorders in Older Adults: Evidence from the 2007 British National Psychiatric Morbidity Survey
Chou, K.L.
Familial Effect of Child Poverty in Hong Kong Immigrant Families
Brian C.H. Fong (City University of Hong Kong Press)
Political Marketing Campaigns of Chief Executive Donal Tsang: The Challenges of Managing Legitimacy Deficit Under a Semi-democratic Regime
Phua, K.H. and He, J. (Routledge)
Health Care Reform: Where is China Heading?
He, J. (Nova Science)
The Chinese Health System: Problems, Reform Initiatives and Prospect
余嘉明、李劍明 (香港城市大學出版社)
Mok, K.H., Yu, K.M. and Ku, Y.W.
After Massification of Higher Education: The Quest for Entrepreneurial University and Technological Advancement in Taiwan