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Research Publications

The Department of Asian and Policy Studies (APS) is a research intensive Department that prides itself on policy driven research focused on Asia. The Department’s faculty are engaged in research addressing education policy and the provision of educational services, health policy and social services, urban and housing policy, ageing and social policy, as well as regulation, energy sector, governance, and broader research issues focused on the political economy of Asian development and foreign and international policy in Asia.

The Department’s faculty is widely published in distinguished international journals and with leading publishing houses.

The Department holds regular research seminars as well as hosting a variety of research seminars provided by local and international visiting scholars.

Jarvis, D. and He, J.
Policy entrepreneurship and intuitional change: Who, how, and why?
He, J. and Ma, L. (2020).
Corporate policy entrepreneurship and cross-boundary strategies: How a private corporation champions mobile healthcare payment innovation in China?
He, J. and Chou, K.L. (2020).
What affects the demand for long-term care insurance? A study of middle-aged and older adults in Hong Kong.
Yang, H., Bin, P. and He, J.* (2020).
Opinions from the epicenter: an online survey of university students in Wuhan amidst the Novel Coronavirus outbreak.
Hartley, K., Vu, M.K.
Fighting fake news in the COVID-19 era: policy insights from an equilibrium model.
Brown, D.P., C.H. Tsai, C.K. Woo, J. Zarnikau and S. Zhu
Residential electricity pricing in Texas’s competitive retail market. Energy Economics, forthcoming.
Hartley, K.
The Epistemics of Policymaking: from Technocracy to Critical Pragmatism in the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Brown, D.P., J. Zarnikau, P. Adib, C.H. Tsai and C.K. Woo.
Rising market concentration in Texas’s retail electricity market. The Electricity Journal, forthcoming.
Xiao H.Y., Gong T., Yu C.L., Juang W.J. & Yuan B.S.
Citizens’ confidence in government control of corruption: An empirical analysis.
Wang X.H., Xiao H.Y., Chen K., & Niu X.J.
Why Administrative Leaders Take Pro-environmental Leadership Actions: Evidence from an Eco-compensation Programme in China.
Woo, C.K., Y. Liu, K.H. Cao and J. Zarnikau.
Can Hong Kong price-manage its public transportation’s ridership?
Woo, C.K., Y. Liu, K.H. Cao and J. Zarnikau.
Can Hong Kong price-manage its public transportation’s ridership? Case Studies on Transport Policy, forthcoming.
Cao, K.H., Y. Liu, Q. Li and C.K. Woo.
Covid-19’s adverse effects on a stock market index.  Applied Economics Letters, forthcoming.
Woo, C.K., K.H. Cao, Y. Liu and Q. Li.
Estimated benefits of incremental suppression of Covid-19 spread. Open Access Library Journal, forthcoming.
Brown, D.P., J. Zarnikau and C.K. Woo.
Does locational marginal pricing impact generation investment location decisions? An analysis of Texas's wholesale electricity market. (forthcoming.)