Research Publications

The Department of Asian and Policy Studies (APS) is a research intensive Department that prides itself on policy driven research focused on Asia. The Department’s faculty are engaged in research addressing education policy and the provision of educational services, health policy and social services, urban and housing policy, ageing and social policy, as well as regulation, energy sector, governance, and broader research issues focused on the political economy of Asian development and foreign and international policy in Asia.

The Department’s faculty is widely published in distinguished international journals and with leading publishing houses.

The Department holds regular research seminars as well as hosting a variety of research seminars provided by local and international visiting scholars.

  • He, J.
    Manoeuvring within a Fragmented Bureaucracy: Policy Entrepreneurship in China's Local Healthcare Reform
  • Cheung, B.L.
    不能迴避的現實—回顧任局長五年的房屋政策 An Unavoidable Reality—A Review of Housing Policies During My Five Years As Secretary
  • He, J.
    Introducing Voluntary Private Health Insurance in a Mixed Medical Economy: Are Hong Kong Citizens Willing to Subscribe?
  • He, J. and Chou, K.L.
    Long-term Care Service Needs and Planning for the Future: A Study of Middle-aged and Older Adults in Hong Kong
  • Woo, C.K., A. Olson, Y. Chen, J. Moore, N. Schlag, A. Ong and T. Ho
    Does California's CO2 Price Affect Wholesale Electricity Prices in the Western USA?
  • Woo, C.K., Y. Chen, A. Olson, J. Moore, N. Schlag, A. Ong and T. Ho
    Electricity Price Behavior and Carbon Trading: New Evidence from California
  • Cao, K.H., Y.S. Cheng and C.K. Woo
    Price-management of Traffic Congestion: Hong Kong's Lion Rock Tunnel
  • Cheng, Y.S., K.H. Cao, C.K. Woo and A. Yatchew
    Residential Willingness to Pay for Deep Decarbonization of Electricity Supply: Contingent Valuation Evidence from Hong Kong
  • Lee, Siu-yau, Lina Vyas and Chou K.L.
    Welcoming Immigrants with Similar Occupational Interests: Experimental Survey Evidence from Hong Kong
  • Lee, Siu-yau
    The Pandora's Box of Neoliberalism: Housing Reforms in China and South Korea
  • Jarvis, Darryl S.L. and Caner Bakir
    Institutional Entrepreneurship and Policy Change: Meta-theory and Method
  • Jarvis, Darryl S.L. and Toby Carroll
    Preface: Development in Asia after the Developmental State
  • Jarvis, Darryl S.L.
    Exogeneity and Convergence in Policy Formulation: contested Theories, Approaches and Perspectives
  • Jarvis, Darryl S.L.
    The State and Development in Malaysia: Race, Class and Markets
  • Jarvis, Darryl S.L. and Toby Carroll
    Disembedding Autonomy: Asia after the Developmental State