Research Projects

The Department of Asian and Policy Studies (APS) research and development work emphasizes academic rigor, professional relevance and social relevance. The Department fosters multi-disciplinary research to expand the scope of disciplines, enrich research capacity and deliver a more comprehensive approach to promote advance knowledge transfer for professional improvement and policy formulation. The projects we engage in, contributes to educational development to the community and the profession.

The Department’s faculties have been recognized for their scholarship with the award of various competitive peer reviewed grants, including grants from the Research Grants Council; General Research Fund; Public Policy Research Grant and Strategic Public Policy Research Grant (Hong Kong); Australian Research Council (Discovery & Linkage Grant Scheme); National Natural Science Foundation of China; Ministry of Education Academic Research Grants Scheme (Singapore); Central Policy Unit Research Grants (Hong Kong); and the Rockefeller Foundation (New York), among others.

  • Dr. HE, Jingwei Alex
    How to Increase the Demand for Private Long-term Care Insurance in Hong Kong? (Dec 2018 - Feb 2020)
    Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office (PICO)
    (HKD 1,086,951)
  • Dr. HU Zhiyong Fox
    The Uneven Growth of a Knowledge-based Economy and Income Equality in Chinese Cities (Jan 2016-Dec 2017)
    RGC: Early Career Scheme
    (HKD 409,408)
  • Dr. HU, Zhiyong Fox
    Access to Housing and Entrepreneurship in Urban China: A Study of Beijing, Hangzhou and Chongqing Metropolises (Jan 2018 - Jun 2020)
    RGC: General Research Fund
    (HKD 544,800)
  • Dr. LEE Siu-yau
    Nation Building, Beliefs about Group Malleability and Inter-group Relations in Hong Kong (Jan 2016-Dec 2017)
    RGC: Early Career Scheme
    (HKD 417,500)
  • Dr. NG, Fung-sheung Isabella
    In Local Exclusivity Lies Global Inclusion – the Relational Ontology of Asylum-Seekers and Refugees and Local Community in a Post-Colonial Hong Kong Village
    RGC: General Research Fund
  • Dr. VYAS, Lina
    Impact of Family Friendly Policies: A Panel Study in Hong Kong (Jun 2015-Sep 2016)
    Central Policy Unit: Public Policy Research Scheme
    (HKD 448,945)
  • Prof. WOO, Chi-keung
    Price Elasticities of Electricity and Gas Demands by End-use Customer Class in Hong Kong (Oct 2016-Mar 2018)
    RGC: General Research Fund
    (HKD 254,000)
  • Dr. WU, Muluan Alfred
    Equity in Redistribution to the Elderly and Children: An Intergenerational Conflict in Hong Kong (Jan 2015-Dec 2016)
    RGC: Early Career Scheme
    (HKD 659,408)
  • Dr. WU, Muluan Alfred
    Savings and Assets for the Poor: An Intervention Study in Hong Kong (Jan 2017-Jun 2018)
    RGC: General Research Fund
    (HKD 546,994)