Students' Voices

Luo Yushu
MSocScEd(GCS) Programme

Efficient literature searching and reading contribute a lot to the organization of thoughts and writing. The different viewpoints raised by the academic staffs and fellow students during each interaction always generated amazing new ideas. Learning both theories and empirical practices helps me to know the world better.

Mark Raygan Estrada Garcia
MPPG Programme

Before studying in Hong Kong, my thoughts of the city and China as a whole had always been no different from the iconic Great Wall – mysterious, impenetrable, complicated, and self-assured. Not that these have changed for the worse; but days from when I first attended my classes in the MPPG Programme, I realized that the people in Hong Kong and the rest of the Greater China Region hold not much difference from how we Filipinos are proud of our country and risk a collective reputation for what is good for our people. In the same way that I confidently paint a colorful picture of the Philippines against a backdrop made grey by an outsider’s appreciation of my country, my counterparts in my MPPG classes from Hong Kong and the Mainland brew with passion for conditions that work for them. The MPPG Programme has allowed me to contextualize nuances which, without my training in MPPG, would have suspended me in utopia. Yet, as it has facilitated my better understanding of interlocking issues related to public and social policies in Asia, the MPPG Programme has not turned me numb. Instead, it has challenged me to be more critical and to pursue curiosity with conviction, in the same way as it has affirmed the need to be inclusive and open-minded. It helped that my professors are among the most engaging, accomplished and approachable that I have had. Without any tarnish on the sense of pride I have for being a Filipino, the Programme has assisted me in trekking that Great Wall and pushing me on to conquer more.

Tracy Lee Gar-ying
MPPG Programme

I enjoyed my studies in the Master of Public Policy and Governance (MPPG). There is a close bond between the students, professors and administrative staffs of the Programme. Apart from the course content, I have the opportunity to learn outside the campus via field visits which offered me an in-depth understanding on issues that were covered during the lectures. The Programme offered a lot of field visit opportunities. This year, I visited the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, Housing Authority Exhibition Center and Legislative Council with experts explaining the historical background and introduced current situations in Hong Kong. Although I am a Hong Kong local resident, I seldom have the opportunity to go to these places. This Programme deepened my understanding of Hong Kong and China. Besides, there are also opportunities to join the Internship organized by the Programme. It was a great opportunity that gave me a chance to have different job exposure. Furthermore, the learning environment is great because students from different cultural backgrounds share different opinions in lectures and projects. All these experiences have livened up my campus life.

Qin Feixue
MPPG Programme

The professors of the Programme are professional, amiable and are from around the world. The small-size class teaching structure ensures every student’s participation and allows for in-depth learning. I could not have imagined of falling in love with learning before I came here. Now I am ready to explore society and handle the challenges that are ahead of me in the real world.

Pan Peilin
MPPG Programme

Participating in MPPG Programme is my honor, since it greatly broadened my horizon, enriched my knowledge and provided me with various opportunities of Internship, study tour, scholarship, etc. The Programme has prepared me for a brighter future and better career path. I am grateful to study at EdUHK.

Hui Fung-ming, Hui Tsz-fung and Ng Kiu-hong Internship with Taiwan Labor Front (Taiwan)
BSocScEd(GCS) Programme

The trio had their internship with the Taiwan Labor Front this past summer of 2016 and wrote a cover story on their experiences published in the organization’s newsletter.

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Taiwan Labor Front’s issuu

Winky Hui Internship with Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation
BSocScEd(GCS) Programme

As an intern, working every day at the Foundation was unique and fruitful. It was a great chance for me to understand more about technology and up-to-date business practices. I was involved with various projects and campaigns, such as an education project in Macau and the Fairtrade Fiesta 2016. The internship provided me with an opportunity to apply what I learnt in the previous three years at EdUHK to real life.

Alan Ho Kwan-lok Internship with The Fred Hollows Foundation (Hong Kong)
BSocScEd(GCS) Programme

Working for an international development organisation with the aim of eliminating avoidable blindness was a rewarding internship experience.

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EdUHK’s iConnect

Rebecca Ng Internship with One Heart Source (South Africa)
BSocScEd(GCS) Programme

It was a wonderful opportunity to have a positive impact on children and also influence myself. Seeing their passion for learning in their eyes and their pessimistic thoughts towards life made me realized that I could not be more grateful for what I had received in life.

Miko Ho Internship with Habitat for Humanity China Limited (Hong Kong)
BSocScEd(GCS) Programme

Working here enhanced my awareness of the social problems and public policy in Asian countries, as well as encouraged my contribution to the societies. I was more familiar with the housing and poverty issues in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Cambodia, Thailand and other countries by providing support in the project of building safer shelters, visiting the needy and organizing promotional events in various districts throughout Hong Kong. Working with this amazing team had enlightened my life a lot!

(Photos from Top to Bottom: Memorial Event at Liberty Square in Taipei; Met with Sunflower Student Movement Leader, Lin Fei-fan; Met with Tatung Labor Union)

Sunny, Rano and Jay Internship with Taiwan Labor Front (Taiwan)
BSocScEd(GCS) Programme

The trio had their internship with the Taiwan Labor Front and received first-hand knowledge about Taiwanese organizations.

Hung Kit Ming, Kimi
BSocScEd(GCS) Programme

It was my great pleasure that I could study in the Greater China Studies Programme. Through the teaching of academics, I am equipped with knowledge which could further develop my career path. I enjoyed quite a different learning environment compared to what I experienced in secondary education. I receive various kinds of support from different parties, particularly the Social Science Association (SSA). SSA responds to the needs of students. They organize a variety of activities such as O-Day and O-Camp to help newcomers like me to adapt to the new learning environment and culture of the Institute. Through their support, my classmates and I were able to adjust to the institute’s facilities and were able to make friends, as well as build a sense of belonging within the Department and the Institute.

I am glad that I was given the chance to join these activities which helped me to develop a bright school life.

Lin Shiyan
BSocScEd(GCS) Programme

Choosing BSocScEd (GCS) in HKIEd for my bachelor’s degree had proved to be a wise decision for me. Thanks to our kind and helpful Programme Leader Ms. Isabella Ng, it didn’t take me long to fit into the life in Hong Kong even though I am a non-local student. What’s more, the courses provided by the Programme are very comprehensive, giving me a chance to learn more about different disciplines of social sciences, such as political science, economics and sociology. After gaining an overall understanding of all these disciplines, I think it will be easier for me to choose one specific subject to study in depth for my master’s degree.
Apart from academic pursuits, I also took an active part in numerous extra-curriculum activities. During the Joint-U Mass Dance, I performed like a real dancer for the first time in my life after one and a half months of practice; I served as a volunteer tour guide in the Hong Kong Wetland Park; I visited an elder who lives alone; I attempted to establish a brand new Mandarin Performance Association with my friends…It was HKIEd that gave me a stage to discover my potentials. I feel so happy and grateful!

Xie Wenbo
MSocScEd(GCS) Programme

“Happy Times” in HKIED is short and precious. In the class, we are encouraged to speak out and provide our unique insights. Our mind surf in the ocean of knowledge with teachers. In addition, we can learn the foremost of academic development from participating in various international conferences. I still remembered the love and friendship between teachers and students during the visit to Taiwan. Life at HKIED is a process of self-growth, it is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it as you can.