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Prof CK Woo awarded Gold Medal at 2020 IIIC International Innovation Competition

We are delighted to announce that Prof CK Woo, Professor at APS, has been awarded a Gold Medal with his project corporate with Dr. So Chi-Fuk (Department of Mathematics and Information Technology, EdUHK), “Online Assessment System for Individual Scores (OASIS)” at the 2020 IIIC International Innovation competition.

The Online Assessment System for Individual Scores (OASIS) is a suitably designed assessment method for team projects should ex ante discourage free-riding before project commencement and ex post punish free-riders when such behavior is found to exist upon project completion. The OASIS has been implemented by 28 teachers and ~1,800 across nine universities in the U.S., Hong Kong, mainland China, and India. The results find that OASIS encourages student participation in a team project through its contractual commitment and performance-based scoring method. Second, it can detect free-riding in a team project. Third, OASIS uses the peer to fairly scores individual contributions by members of a team project. Finally, it is user-friendly and benefits students, teachers, and university management. Based on the current users’ positive feedback, his team expects that an increasing number of using OASIS in the coming academic years. It will benefit another ~1,000 students from 4 universities in the future. Besides, a newly signed commercial user (Goabroad Limited) indicates OASIS’s applicability beyond higher education institutes, thus underscoring this TDG project’s knowledge transfer to the business sector.

IIIC is a renowned event of innovations in the Greater China Region, attracting over 400 innovations from all over the countries including Asia, US, and European countries, every year. The results illustrate the creativity and applicability of Prof Woo’s innovations in integrating technologies to enrich educational experiences. APS looks forward to seeing OASIS can become a useful peer assessment method with worldwide impact.