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Shi Yuda Todd, PhD Candidate

Shi Yuda Todd, PhD Candidate

PHONE 2948 7137

SHI YUDA, Todd is PhD Candidate at the Department of Asian and Policy Studies (APS), at The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK), where he has been assigned to the research centre – Centre for Greater China Studies. Before joining EdUHK, SHI YUDA got his undergraduate degree in The Southern Medical University in Guangzhou, where he double-majored in both the Public Administration and Law. Since 2015, he was studying in The University of Hong Kong (HKU) for the Master of Common Law (MCL). These learning experiences make him good at interdisciplinary thinking.

Before he applied for a PhD degree, SHI YUDA had some internship experiences. In 2014, he was an internship in the Health Commission of Guizhou Province, in PRC. In 2016, he participated in the Judicial Attachment Programme of HKU, which allowed him to learn some judicial knowledge by attaching to a judge of the High Court of Hong Kong. After that, he was working for the branch of China Life Company in Guizhou, which provided him with some practical experience of social medical insurance.

SHI YUDA serves as a tutor at APS for the course Managing Development and Civil Society in Great China. He is also awarded by the Research Postgraduate Studentship (RPGS) for his study at EdUHK.

  • PhD Candidate (Education University of Hong Kong)
  • MCL (University of Hong Kong)
  • BA (Southern Medical University)
  • Health Care Policy
  • Health Care Regulation
  • Governance
  • Policy Implementation
  • Public Law

GCS4006 Managing Development and Civil Society in Great China – Course Tutor