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Dr Ivy Han Xiao

Dr Ivy Han Xiao

Year of Graduation 2016
Supervisor  Professor Lui Tai-lok
Professor Mok Ka-ho
Research Fields Transnational Education
Education Policy
Foucault Studies
Occupation Beiyang Associate Professor, School of Education, Tianjin University
Education BEcon (Jilin University, China) 

Pursuing a PhD at the Department of Asian and Policy Studies of The Education University of Hong Kong is one of the precious moments in my life. It is also a motivation for me to work in academia.

I graduated with a major in International Economics and Trade, which is very different from Education Studies or Policy Studies. The working experiences after graduation are the major reason for me to pursue a PhD in the Education Field. When I was working in the English Teacher Training industry, I realized that my knowledge base is not enough, and I have a keen interest in Shadow Education and International Education related disciplines. Both the university and the department provided me with fruitful resources, which my research goes very well. I also got very much support from teachers and classmates.

There are pains and gains during my PhD studies, and it is a self-challenging process. At first, I have a slow literature review process, and gradually comes up with research questions and cleared my mind. Senses of failure and achievement appeared repeated before achieving the phase goal. Thanks to the symposiums and seminars organized by the university and the department, not only provided me with an opportunity to learn from the top scholars in the same field but also provided me with the platform to exchange my thoughts and research output with others. This is a precious opportunity for self-training and improvement.

Pursuing a PhD at the Department of Asian and Policy Studies is the right decision for those who are interested in Asia-related discipline. Stepping out of my comfort zone is the biggest takeaway in my PhD Studies.