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Dr Lee Siu-yau

Dr Lee Siu-yau

OFFICE B2-2/F-32
PHONE 2948 7866

Dr. Lee Siu-yau is an Associate Professor and Acting Head of the Department of Asian and Policy Studies (APS) of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (FLASS) at The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK). His research focuses primarily on immigration, language policies, and identity. Funded by the Research Grants Council, his research explores how immigration policies shape people’s attitudes toward immigrants.

Dr. Lee earned his DPhil in politics and MSc in Modern Chinese Studies (Distinction) from the University of Oxford, England, where he was a Swire Scholar. Prior to joining the Department of Asian and Policy Studies he was Assistant Professor at Centennial College, Hong Kong.

Please visit Dr. Lee’s personal website for updates on his research:

  • DPhil (University of Oxford‚ UK)
  • MSc (University of Oxford‚ UK)
  • BSocSc (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • Immigration Policy
  • Language Policy
  • Identity
  • Chinese Politics
  • Comparative Social Policy in Asia
  • Managing Development and Civil Society in Greater China
  • China’s Rise and Globalized World
  • Institutions and Development in Greater China
  • Managing Development and Civil Society in Emerging Economics

Scholarly Books, Monographs and Chapters:

Lee, S.Y. (forthcoming). The Pandora’s Box of Neoliberalism: Housing Reforms in China and South Korea. In T. Carroll and D.S.L. Jarvis (Eds.), Asia after the Developmental State: Disembedding Autonomy (xx-xxx). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Lee, S.Y. and Yang, D. (2016). Language Management / Policy. In A. Farazmand (Ed.), Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy and Governance. Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

Lee, S.Y. (2015). The Perception of Higher Education as a Public Good: The Case of Hong Kong. In C. Collins and D. Neubauer (Eds.), Redefining Asian Pacific Higher Education in Dynamic Global Contexts (Ch. 1). New York: Palgrave Pivot.


Journal Articles:

Lee, S.Y. & Chou, K.L. (2018). Assessing the relative contribution of social exclusion, income-poverty, and financial strain on depressive symptoms among older people in Hong Kong. Aging & Mental Health, Online First.

Lee, S.Y., Vyas, L. and Chou, K.L. (2017). Welcoming immigrants with similar occupational interests: Experimental survey evidence from Hong Kong. Political Studies, 65(2), 391-412.

Lee, S.Y. (2016). Surviving online censorship in China: Three satirical tactics and their impact. The China Quarterly, 228, 1061-1080.

Lee, S.Y. (2016). Profit seeking and intergroup conflict: A case study of the private health care sector in Hong Kong. Asian Survey, 56(2), 348-368.

Vyas, L., Lee S.Y. and Chou, K.L. (2016). Utilization of family friendly policies in Hong Kong. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, Online First, 1-23.

Lee, S.Y., Ng, I.F.S. and Chou, K.L. (2016). Exclusionary attitudes towards allocation of welfare benefits to new immigrants in Hong Kong. Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, 25(1), 41-61.

Lee, S.Y. (2016). Massification without equalisation: The politics of higher education, graduate employment and social mobility in Hong Kong. Journal of Education and Work, 29(1), 13-31.

Lee, S.Y. and Chou, K.L. (2015). Trends in elderly poverty in Hong Kong: A decomposition analysis. Social Indicators Research, 129(2), 551-564.

Ng, I.F.S., Lee, S.Y., Wong, W.K.F. and Chou, K.L. (2015). Effects of perceived discrimination on the quality of life among new Mainland Chinese immigrants to Hong Kong – A Longitudinal Study. Social Indicators Research 120, 817-834.

Lee, S.Y. (2014) Defining correctness: The tale of the contemporary Chinese dictionary. Modern China 40(4), 426-450.

Lee, S.Y. and Yu, Y.F. (2012). Homeownership and political legitimacy: A case study of Hong Kong and Singapore. Politics 32(1), 52-64.

Lee, S.Y. (2008). Capability as freedom? The foundations of Amartya Sen’s capability approach. Civilitas 1, 4-33. (Winner of Chung Chi College Academic Award 2008-2009)

Books and Articles for the General Public:

Lee, S.Y. and Yuen, S. (2015). The Tale of Neoliberalism in Hong Kong (如何自力更生?由小販政策和領匯私有化說起). In C.K. Chan and M. Wong (Eds.), Journal of Local Discourse 2013-14 (香港本土論述 2013-14). Hong Kong: AzothBooks.

Ng, W.L., Lee, S.Y. et al. (2009). Hong Kong Illustrated (香港大圖解). Hong Kong: SoftRepublic.

Tang, G., Li, J., Chung, S., Lee, S.Y., and Yuen, R. (2008). Dictionary of General Education (通識詞典) v.2. Hong Kong: Roundtable Publishing.

Tang, G., Li, J., Chung, S. and Lee, S.Y. (2007). Dictionary of General Education (通識詞典) v.1. Hong Kong: Roundtable Publishing. [Reprinted five times; Winner of Yu-Luan Shih Creativity Award 2008-2009].