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Dr Fox Hu Zhiyong

Dr Fox Hu Zhiyong

OFFICE B1-2/F-09
PHONE 2948 7475

Dr Fox Hu Zhiyong is an Associate Professor of the Department of Asian and Policy Studies (APS) of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (FLASS) at The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK). Prior to his current appointment, he was Post-doctoral Fellow in the Department of Geography at The University of Hong Kong (2009-2012) and Assistant Professor in the Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (2002-2006).

Dr Hu’s research interests focus on the spatial restructuring of China’s SOEs, the political-economy of China’s ownership reform and industrial transformation, urban and regional development, and urban land redevelopment in China. Dr Hu has published widely in the areas of economic geography and urban and regional development. His articles appear in leading international journals such as Regional Studies (UK); Environment and Planning A (UK); Geoforum (UK); Eurasian Geography and Economics (USA); Issues & Studies (Taiwan); Habitat International (UK), as well as in various Chinese journals.

Dr. Hu has received the Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award from the University of Hong Kong in 2007, the Student paper competition award from China Geography Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers in 2004, and was the recipient of a Grant Research Award from the Urban China Research Network in 2004. He is also the recipient of various grants from the National Science Foundation of China at the Peking University-Lincoln Institute Center for Urban Development and Land Policy, and the Small Project Funding Scheme of the University of Hong Kong.

  • PhD (The University of Hong Kong)
  • MSc (Peking University‚ China)
  • BSc (Peking University‚ China)
  • Urban and Regional Development
  • China’s Market Transition
  • Regional Political Economy
  • Urban Land Redevelopment
  • Social Impact of Public Housing
  • Urbanization in Greater China
  • Economic Growth and Sustainable Livelihood in Greater China
  • Higher Education Policy and Governance
  • Urban Regional Development in Asia

Scholarly Books, Monographs and Chapters:

Hu, F.Z.Y. (2015). State-owned Enterprise. In D. Richardson, W.D. Liu and G. Pratt (Eds.), The Wiley-AAG International Encyclopedia of Geography: People, the Earth, Environment, and Technology. New York: Wiley.

Journal Articles:

Hu, F.Z.Y. and Qian, J.W. (2017). Land-based finance, fiscal autonomy and land supply for affordable housing in urban China: A prefecture-level analysis. Land Use Policy, 69, 454-460.

Chen, W.Y., Hu, F.Z.Y., Li, X. and Hua, J.Y. (2017). Strategic interaction in municipal governments’ provision of public green spaces: A dynamic spatial panel data analysis in transitional China. Cities, 71, 1-10.

Hu, F.Z.Y. and Chou, K.L. (2016). Public housing and educational attainment in Asian’s global city: An empirical study of Hong Kong, Environment and Planning C. UK: Sage. DOI: 10.1177/0263774X16642770.

Hu, F.Z.Y. and Chou, K.L. (2016). Understanding the transition to independent living among urban youth: A decomposition analysis for Hong Kong, Habitat International, 51: 141-148. UK: Elsevier.

Hu, F.Z.Y. (2015). Industrial capitalisation and spatial transformation in Chinese cities: Strategic repositioning, state-owned enterprise capitalisation, and the reproduction of urban space in Beijing. Urban Studies, 52(15), 2799-2821. UK: Sage.

Hu, F.Z.Y. and Chou, K.L. (2015). The antipoverty effect of public rental housing in Hong Kong. Habitat International, 46, 206-213.

Chen, W.Y. and Hu, F.Z.Y. (2015). Producing nature for public: land-based urbanization and provision of public green spaces in China. Applied Geography, 58, 32-40.

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