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New book published by APS staff

Professor Darryl S.L. Jarvis, Head, Department of Asian and Policy Studies and Professor Mok Ka-ho, Vice-President and concurrently Lam Man Tsan Chair Professor of Comparative Policy at Lingnan University, Hong Kong, have published a new book, titled “Transformations in Higher Education Governance in Asia: Policy, Politics and Progress”.

This book documents experimentation with various policy and governance approaches that produce structural differences in the composition and organisation of Asia’s higher education systems. In view of the wide variation in the public and private provision of higher education, it showcases how issues of access, equity and modes of participation are addressed, how institutional and programme quality are managed and how academic labour is treated and developed. The book both maps these differences and analyses the country-level dynamics, policy approaches and the problems faced by a variety of states in Asia in the race to develop competitive higher education systems.  Focusing on the intersection of governance and higher education policy, it addresses the challenges facing higher education in Asia and the national responses of governments in terms of the organisation of the sector.

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