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MPPM student shines in eminent international journal

January 2021

Ms Vivien Foong Yee Tang, a student of the Master of Public Policy and Management Program (MPPM) at The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK), recently published a paper in Health Policy, one of the leading international journals in the field. Entitled “Integration of health services for the elderly in Asia: a scoping review of Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia”, this paper is coauthored with Dr Alex Jingwei He, Associate Professor of the Department of Asian and Policy Studies of the EdUHK. This publication arises from a research project funded by the Asia-Pacific Observatory on Health Systems and Policies of the World Health Organization. Ms Tang has been participating in this project as a Research Assistant since 2020.

With a five-year impact factor of 2.707, Health Policy currently stands at Quartile 2 in the health policy and services category of the renowned Social Science Citations Index (SSCI). This paper also marks the third SSCI publication by the MPPM students, a marvelous achievement for students of a taught degree program. “Our MPPM program strives to provide dynamic and solid soil for bright master students to engage in cutting-edge policy research. Our faculty members generously offer research opportunities to motivated students and are keen to prepare them for professional career in not only public sector organizations but also research institutions”, Dr He remarked.

Publication records of MPPM students

  • Tang, Foong Yee Vivien (MPPM 2020), Integration of health services for the elderly in Asia: a scoping review of Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia. Health Policy (SSCI Q2), (with Dr Alex Jingwei He).
  • Yin, Jason Dean-chen (MPPM 2018), The medical arms race and its impact in Chinese hospitals: implications for health regulation and planning. Health Policy and Planning (SSCI Q1), (with Dr Alex Jingwei He and Dr Jiwei Qian).
  • Yin, Jason Dean-chen (MPPM 2018), Health insurance reforms in Singapore and Hong Kong: how the two ageing Asian tigers response to health financing challenges? Health Policy (SSCI Q2), (with Dr Alex Jingwei He).
  • 吳玉潔 (MPPM 2019), 研究選題與方法:2020年第二季度公共管理研究佳作評介,《公共管理評論》(CSSCI), (與肖漢宇 博士合作).