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Minor in Public Policy and Management

Minor in Public Policy and Management (PPM)

(This Minor is offered by the Department of Asian and Policy Studies (APS) from 2022/23 intake and onwards.)


This Minor aims at catering students’ new demand for knowledge and skills for their career development in public sector, public bodies (e.g. Trading Fund and Housing Authority), think tanks, policy consultancy and other relevant sectors.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Minor, students will be able to:

(a) understand the principles, theories and practices of public policy and management;
(b) apply analytical assessment/evaluation skills to public policy and management problems; and
(c) communicate analysis of policy problems and solutions to policy-makers, relevant stakeholders and the broader community.

Minor Requirement

Students who take Public Policy and Management as a Minor are required to choose any FIVE out of the seven courses.

Course Code/ Course Outline Course Title Credit Points
Electives (Choose any 5 courses out of the following 7 courses)
PUA2013* Managing and Organising Social Enterprises 3
PUA2014* Organisational Budget Management 3
PUA3009 International Public Management 3
POS3008 Inequality and Social Policies in Contemporary Society 3
SSC3259 Strategic Communication and Public Relations Management 3
SSC4260 Advanced Methods for Public Policy Analysis and Evaluation: Quantitative Research 3
PPG6002# Public Policy and Governance: Processes and Techniques 3


*Major core course of BSocSc(SEDS)

Core course from Master of Public Policy and Management (MPPM). Students who want to register for this master-level course as a Minor course should obtain a Programme GPA of 3.0 or above, and have to submit an application form via email to Application form and details for the master level course can be


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Last Update: May 2023


This minor programme will be offered under the new “Department of Social Sciences and Policy Studies” effective from 2023/24.

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