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International community condemns human rights situation in Hong Kong in major UN UPR review of China

2018 November

In a first and unprecedented step, 12 countries have used the United Nations Universal Periodic Review (UPR) hearing on China to highlight their concerns with the human rights in Hong Kong, which was held on 7 November 2018. When China’s last UPR hearing was held in 2013, no recommendation was issued in Hong Kong. However, this time around there were seven, with five other references through questions in advance and statements, raising international attention on the deterioration of rights in Hong Kong.

The assistant professor in our department, Dr. Isabella NG, also the founder of Hong Kong Society for Asylum Seekers and Refugees said that the recommendation by Croatia on legislating to implement the Convention on the Rights (CRC) of the Child is a substantial step, noting that it was specifically put forward by the Coalition. “Croatia’s recommendation on protecting children’s rights, if implemented, would help many of the most marginalised in Hong Kong, including asylum seekers, refugees, persons with disabilities and ethnic minorities.”



The dialogue presented different perspectives to illustrate why China adopted the ‘one country, two systems’ framework. Prof Cheung further explained how the Basic Law in Hong Kong defines the relationship between the central government in Beijing and the Hong Kong SAR. In his opinion, ‘Two Systems’ is not just about two different political and legal jurisdictional systems, but also extends to different ways of life, value systems/ideologies, and historical legacies.