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FAN Yumeng, Betty, BSocScEd(GCS) 2018 Graduate


My four years of undergraduate study in the GCS programme were fulfilling and rewarding. The major and elective courses I took covered a wide, but related range of disciplines, including sociology, international relations, social policy and political economy. In my second year, I participated in a field trip to Taiwan and Macao and learnt about identity issues of ethnic minorities. In my third year, I completed an internship at Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong, where I worked with an international team of experts to study housing problems in Hong Kong.

The academic and extra-curricular activities in GCS provided me with professional knowledge in the social sciences, and the ability to think critically, write logically and speak persuasively. These skills enabled me to succeed in my internships in business, government and academia, and prepared me to take a postgraduate degree in the London School of Economics and Political Science.