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Dr Kris Hartley published co-authored article for Policy Design and Practice journal

February 2021

Dr. Kris Hartley, Assistant Professor at APS, has published a new co-authored article for Policy Design and Practice journal, entitled “COVID-19 response in a unitary state: emerging lessons from Vietnam.” Co-authored with Azad Singh Bali at the ANU Crawford School of Public Policy and Sarah Bales at the Hanoi University of Public Health, the article identifies six factors that shaped Vietnam’s response to the pandemic: (i) command-and-control governance, (ii) extensive preparation, (iii) fostering cooperative sentiment and solidarity, (iv) political readiness and communication, (v) policy coordination, and (vi) adaptation. The article contributes to practical discussions about country-specific responses to the pandemic, and to scholarship on policy effectiveness and success within the policy sciences and public management. The article is available at the following link: