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Dr Alex He Jingwei appointed on the Assessment Panel for Research Grants Council of Hong Kong

Dr Alex He Jingwei, Associate Professor and Associate Head (Research and Development) of Department of Asian and Policy Studies, at The Education University of Hong Kong was invited by the Research Grants Council (RGC) to serve on the Assessment Panel for Competitive Research Funding Schemes for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector (APSF) as a Member for the Humanities and Social Sciences (H) Subject for a period of two years.


The Research Grants Council is an important organization responsible for the management of research funds under the University Grants Committee of Hong Kong. Most government research funding injected to higher education institutions is managed by the RGC. Previously, Prof Chou Kee-lee and Dr Fox Hu Zhiyong of the Department of Asian and Policy Studies also received large-size research grants from the Collaborative Research Fund awarded by the GRC, demonstrating the outstanding research achievements of the APS Department.


The RGC consists of various independent committees and subject panels to ensure impartiality and effective use of resources. The APSF is comprised of qualified professionals, both local and international, with backgrounds in a diverse range of subject fields. These experts come from different academic institutions and participate in a personal capacity. Committee members are required to perform the following roles: examine and assess the funding proposals; attend the interview and Assessment Panel meetings to make funding recommendations; and monitor the progress of the funded projects.

Dr He specializes in public policy analysis, health policy and governance and social policy reforms. He also serves as the Associate Editor of Policy and Society: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Policy Research (SSCI Q1) and the Journal of Asian Public Policy (SSCI).


Dr He’s recent publications can be seen below:

Mintrom, M., Maurya, D., and He, J.* (eds.), 2020. Policy Entrepreneurship: An Asian Perspective, London: Routledge.

He, J. (2021). The welfare is ours: rural-to-urban migration and domestic welfare chauvinism in urban China. Journal of Contemporary China, forthcoming.

He, J., Qian, J., Chan, W.S. & Chou, K.L. (2021). Preferences for private long-term care insurance products in a super-aging society: A discrete choice experiment in Hong Kong. Social Science and Medicine, 270, 1-10.

He, J. and Tang, V.F.Y. (2021). Integration of health services for the elderly in Asia: A scoping review of Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia. Health Policy,

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He, J. and Ma, L. (2020). Citizen participation, perceived public service performance, and trust in government: evidence from health policy reforms in Hong Kong. Public Performance and Management Review,

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