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Minor in Communication Studies in Policy and Governance

Minor in Communication Studies in Policy and Governance (CSPG)

(For undergraduate students from 2014/15 cohort and onwards.)


This Minor is a complementary programme designed to study media and communications of contemporary society. It provides a theoretical foundation for students to understand not only the role of media in the political arena, social activities and economic development, but also the influences and impact of media in the local, regional as well as global context. This Minor also intends to cultivate students’ communication skills and strategies in different aspects of life.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this Minor, students should be able to:

(a) explain the policy, regulatory, legal and economic aspects of media and communication services;
(b) articulate the relationship between effective communication and policy-making;
(c) appraise the communication aspect of governance and civic engagement at the local, regional and global levels;
(d) apply communication skills and strategies in different aspects of lives; and
(e) demonstrate their ability to integrate communications skill on work-life upon graduation.

Minor Requirement 

Students are required to complete 15 credits by studying 1 compulsory course (SSC2183) and 4 elective courses out of the 7 courses offered.

Course Code/ Course Outline Course Title Credit Points
Compulsory (1 Course)
SSC2183 Introduction to Communication 3
Electives (Choose any 4 courses out of the following 7 courses)
GCS3017 Youth, New Media and Internet Regulation in Greater China 3
SSC2184 Communication Studies in the Public and Education Sectors 3
SSC2190 Cross-Cultural Communication 3
SSC2191 Communication for Teaching 3
SSC3203 Media, Politics and Power in International Communication 3
ART2199* Photography and Moving Image 3
ART3185* Digital Imaging and Interactive Media 3

Note: *ART2199 and ART3185 are the courses offered by the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts (CCA).


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Last Updated: October 2022


This minor programme will be offered under the new “Department of Social Sciences and Policy Studies” effective from 2023/24.

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