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APS Faculty was quoted in a article in Times Higher Education

Dr. Kris Hartley, Assistant Professor at APS was quoted in a recent article in Times Higher Education. The article focuses on an academic article recently published by Hartley and APS Professor Darryl Jarvis concerning the relative performance of universities in mainland China. The Times Higher

APS faculty published article on COVID-19 and fake news

Assistant Professor Kris Hartley in the Department of Asian and Policy Studies at the Education University of Hong Kong recently published an article in Policy Sciences journal entitled “Fighting fake news in the COVID-19 era: policy insights from an equilibrium model.” The article introduces a

New article published by APS staff

New article published by APS staff

Dr Siu-yau Lee, the associate professor at the Department of Asian and Policy Studies, has recently published an article on Political Psychology named “How Nation Building Backfires: Beliefs about Group Malleability and Anti-Chinese Attitudes in Hong Kong”. Dr Lee was also invited to give a