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APS Faculty was quoted in a article in Times Higher Education

Dr. Kris Hartley, Assistant Professor at APS was quoted in a recent article in Times Higher Education. The article focuses on an academic article recently published by Hartley and APS Professor Darryl Jarvis concerning the relative performance of universities in mainland China. The Times Higher Education article quotes Hartley as stating: “By under-resourcing regional universities in inland locations, China risks forfeiting opportunities to leverage the beneficial spillover effects that university activities – like research, external exchange, and social or cultural factors – can have on local communities that are more geographically or economically isolated.” The author of the Times Higher Education article, Joyce Lau, references Hartley and Jarvis’s article in stating that “China should also address other problems that may not be well measured in rankings methodologies, such as fraudulent research, restrictions on academic freedom and a lack of institutional autonomy.” The Times Higher Education article’s paywalled link is here: The academic article authored by Hartley and Jarvis can be found here: