Head's Message

Welcome to the Department of Asian and Policy Studies! Uniquely situated at the heart of Asia in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, Hong Kong, the Department of Asian and Policy Studies provides an ideal vantage point for students to engage in creative scholarship addressing the rise of China and Asia, the implications for regional and global governance, and the policy challenges this poses in terms of managing Asia’s rapid development, urbanization, and modernisation.

At the cross-roads of this rapid transformation, our mission is to equip students to be life-long learners, to develop technical, analytical and critical skills necessary to meet Asia’s policy and developmental needs, and to be agents of change that make a difference to the policy processes and outcomes that contribute to social betterment.

The Department draws on a community of established and emerging scholars who have been trained internationally, and whose research interests range from social policy, including health policy, affordability and access to health care, social protection, ageing and poverty alleviation, education policy and management, governance, regulation and the political-economy of state-market relations, gender, communications, development, to the rise of China and super-power rivalry. We count among our faculty experts in policy, governance and public sector management, and are committed to collaborative learning and to training Asia’s next generation of change makers.

I invite you to explore our web page and to join us and become an active participant shaping Asia’s future.


D Jarvis Portrait

Professor Darryl S.L. Jarvis

Head, Department of Asian and Policy Studies