Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, Volume 9, Issue 1, Article 9 (June, 2008)
The views of the classroom teacher candidates related to the environmental science course and the environmental sensibility

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This research has been performed to determine the effects of the “Environmental Science Course” within the curriculum of Classroom Teacher Program in Education Faculty on the environmental sensibilities of the students, and the ideas of the students related to the effectiveness of their environmental education. Regarding the results of the research, it can be stressed that the environmental sensibilities of the Classroom Teacher Program students show discrepancies with regard to their follow-up status for the programs and articles about environment on media (TV, radio, newspaper, magazine etc.). However, no statistically significant alteration has been determined among the students’ environmental sensibilities taking into account their genders, ages, membership status in an institution related to environment, having individuals interested in environment in the family, and participating in activities / meetings related to environment.

The “Environmental Science Course” within the curriculum of Classroom Teacher Program positively affects the students’ sensibilities and ideas about environmental education related to air, water, soil pollution, ecological balance and birth control. Additionally, it can be declared that the students who take this course are more sensitive to the environment and have developed a positive idea about the sufficiency of the environmental education given at the faculty.

It is found out that the attitudes of the students who have taken the “Environmental Science Course” related to air and water pollution, ecological balance, and birth control had changed positively. However, no statistically meaningful difference is determined related to soil pollution.

In conclusion, it can be expressed that “Environmental Science Course” helps the students to become conscious about the environment, and enhances the environmental sensibilities of the students.



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