Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, Volume 9 Issue 1

List of Reviewers

The Editorial Board would like to express our sincere thanks to the following persons who had offered their kind assistance to review and provide professional comments on manuscripts considered for publication in this issue of APFSLT:

  • Dr. Hong Kwen BOO (Boo-Dalby Consulting & Education LLP, SINGAPORE)
  • Dr. Ke-Sheng CHAN (Shu-Te University, TAIWAN)
  • Dr. Sufen CHEN (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, TAIWAN)
  • Dr. Shu-Nu CHANG (Aletheia University, TAIWAN)
  • Dr. Vivian Mo Yin CHENG (Hong Kong Institute of Education, HONG KONG)
  • Dr. Deborah CORRIGAN (Monash University, AUSTRALIA)
  • Prof. Bayram COSTU (Karadeniz Technical University, TURKEY)
  • Dr. Ning DING (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, THE NETHERLANDS)
  • Dr. Leo Sun-Wai FUNG (Education Bureau, HKSAR Government, HONG KONG)
  • Dr. Murat GÖKDERE (University of Ondokuzmayis, TURKEY)
  • Dr. Meral HAKVERDI (Hacettepe University, TURKEY)
  • Dr. Beverley JANE (Monash University, AUSTRALIA)
  • Dr. Siu-cheung KONG (Hong Kong Institute of Education, HONG KONG)
  • Dr. Mehmet KUCUK (Karadeniz Technical University, TURKEY)
  • Dr. Xiao-qin LAI (Guangxi Education College, CHINA)
  • Mr. Victor Kwok-chi LAU (Hong Kong Institute of Education, HONG KONG)
  • Prof. Sheau-Wen LIN (National Pingtung University of Education, TAIWAN)
  • Dr. Shu-Chiu LIU (University of Oldenburg, GERMANY)
  • Prof. John LOUGHRAN (Monash University, AUSTRALIA)
  • Prof. Xingkai LUO (Guangxi Normal University, CHINA)
  • Dr. Nwachukwu Prince OLOLUBE (University of Helsinki, FINLAND)
  • Prof. Svein SJØBERG (University of Oslo, NORWAY)
  • Dr. Lutfullah TURKMEN (Usak University, TURKEY)
  • Prof. Russell TYTLER (Deakin University, AUSTRALIA)
  • Dr. Kevin WATSON (University of Western Sydney, AUSTRALIA)
  • Prof. Xishun XIE (University of South East, CHINA)
Editorial Board, APFSLT
June, 2008

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