Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, Volume 8, Issue 1, Article 12 (June, 2007)
SITI HENDON Sheikh Abdullah & KHALIJAH Mohd Salleh
Science teaching for enlightenment: A holistic approach in developing a teacher's guide for best practices to teach at secondary level

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 This paper has first discussed the holistic conceptual framework of best practices in teaching physics. Based on this framework a HOBP model was then developed. The unique feature of this model is that it integrates the factors that affect best practices in the teaching and learning of light. These are communication, information management, content and infrastructure. In particular, it places the learners at the centre of the learning process and emphasizes on active learning. The HOBP Model was then assessed and refined through surveys on physics teachers and students on their conceptions of Best Practices.

The second part of the paper describes the TGTL, how it was to be implemented and refined. It was assessed through classroom observation, interviews, written test and surveys for the students. The objective of the assessment was to find out the suitability of the TGTL for both teacher and students, whether it was successful in enhancing learning. The TGTL developed was expected to be applicable and adjustable for the teaching of other concepts in physics.



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