Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, Volume 8, Issue 1, Article 5 (June, 2007)
Teaching argumentation through the visual models in a resource-based learning environment

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The importance of visual image in education

Before presenting the visual models of argumentation, it is essential to point out the importance of the use of visual imagery for learning. Visualization is deemed a helpful medium for understanding and remembering information. From the perspective of cognitive psychology, it is well known that graphical thinking is one of the strategies for enhancing an individual's memory, due to visual images making the abstract more concrete and enabling learners to explain complex information simply (Rakes, 1999). It has also been suggested that using visual-spatial strategies may reduce cognitive load and help learners in managing their ideas and making connections between the information resources (Neumann, Gräber, & Tergan, 2005). Besides visual image, theory also needs to be emphasized and concerned while developing instruction. Some researchers mentioned that models can provide the visual perception of physical structure and relationship, and theory can delineate and interpret the meaning of the structure (Glynn, Yeany, & Britton, 1991; Keys, 1997). Therefore, in this study, the visual model of argumentation is considered to be good approach in teaching argumentation.

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