Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, Volume 12, Issue 2, Article 14 (Dec., 2011)
Hatice GUZEL
The effect of Internet usage on technology comprehension of physics students: A case study

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Data Collection and Analysis

The data of the present study were collected using questionnaire. The questionnaire consisted of 13 multiple-choice questions. Out of these 13 questions, the first five questions of the questionnaire were related to the demographic properties of the participants, two to technology usage, and the remaining six to the usage of technology in our daily lives. The participants of the study were selected randomly. After informing the students about the study, they were granted 20 minutes to fill out the questionnaire. Statistical analysis of the data was conducted using frequency distribution, percentage, and ?2 (Chi-Square) tests. ?2 (Chi-Square) test was used in order to determine the relation between two variables obtained from a nominal scale. Data analyses have been conducted using SPSS 11.00 package program and considering p<0.05 as statistical significance level.


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