Asia-Pacific Forum on Science Learning and Teaching, Volume 12, Issue 2, Article 14 (Dec., 2011)
Hatice GUZEL
The effect of Internet usage on technology comprehension of physics students: A case study

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The study was conducted using survey method. Survey studies are carried out in order to determine a present condition. They seek answers to questions such as “What is the present situation of the event or problem that is to be researched?” and “Where are we?”. In this kind of research, the range of the sample is quite large. The easiest way of gathering data from a large sample is using questionnaires. This is the reason why questionnaires are preferred in survey studies. Questionnaires yield to the attainment of quantitative data from a large sample. The underlying idea behind the statistical analyses of the quantitative data obtained is to make generalizations regarding the issue to be researched. (Cepni, 2010; Ekiz, 2007).


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