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A comparative study of the impacts and students’ perceptions of indoor and outdoor learning in the science classroom

buaraphan.pdf (687KB)

Are science teachers prepared to promote argumentation? A case study with pre-service teachers in Bogotá city
Pablo Antonio ARCHILA

archila.pdf (817KB)

Teaching nature of science to pre-service early childhood teachers through an explicit reflective approach
Emine ÇIL

cil.pdf (530KB)

Historical development of Newton’s laws of motion and suggestions for teaching content
Wheijen CHANG, Beverley BELL and Alister JONES

changwj.pdf (445KB)

What do the prospective science teachers know about human eye?
Çigdem SAHIN

sahin.pdf (1475KB)

Computer labs as techno-pedagogical tools for learning biology – Exploring ICT practices in India
Ajitha NAYAR K and Miles BARKER

ajitha.pdf (457KB)

An investigation of students’ views about enzymes by fortune lines technique
Murat ÖZARSLAN and Gülcan ÇETIN

cetin.pdf (575KB)

The investigation of science process skills of elementary school teachers in terms of some variables: Perspectives from Turkey
Bülent AYDOGDU, Mehmet ERKOL and Nuran ERTEN

baydogdu.pdf (815KB)

Advanced science students’ understanding on nature of science in Turkey
Mustafa Serdar KÖKSAL and Kari SORMUNEN

koksal.pdf (468KB)

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