Career and Life Planning for Hong Kong Youth Development:
Challenges and Opportunities

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Principal Investigator
Dr. Szeto Sing Ying Elson
Research Fellow of APCLC,
The Education University of Hong Kong
Professor Sin Kuen Fung Kenneth
Professor Allan Walker
Dr Cheng Yan Ni Annie
Team Members
Dr Shek Mei Po Mabel
Mr. Lui Tze Leung Rick
Mr. So Kin Kwan Kennith
Funding Source
Public Policy Research Funding Scheme 2018/19
Project Duration


Career and life planning (CLP) facilitates Hong Kong’s sustainable development by assisting the youth in exploring their career aspirations, identities and pathways at different stages of life. Since 2014, secondary schools have been especially equipped with additional resources to improve education and offer their students career guidance as indicated in the Policy Address. A regular teaching post of a career master/mistress has been opened in mainstream schools to coordinate and develop various CLP programmes in schools as announced in the 2016 Policy Address. Said action is expected to enhance the capacity of teaching teams in offering career guidance and intervention to senior secondary school students. This study on the CLP policy for youth development aims to investigate the values and effects of expanded CLP education on young people in terms of career aspiration, identity and development through multiple planning pathways in senior secondary education. Stakeholders, including school leaders, career guidance teachers, core subject teachers and students, have experienced the beneficial effects of implementing this policy on the lives and career development of young people at the stage of senior secondary education. In this case, what are the experiences of stakeholders in facilitating various CLP programmes in senior secondary schools can reveal the value and effects of these programmes on youth development? What are the challenges schools face in planning, implementing and evaluating school-based CLP for their students? What are the opportunities that promote student career development and inform their life planning decisions? The findings of the study can inform policy makers and stakeholders on the practices, value and effects of expanding whole-school CLP programmes for the development of senior secondary school students, with additional resources and funding supported by the government. Recommendations will be provided to facilitate policy and practice of career development and positive personal growth of the youth in their lifelong planning.