Message from the Directors

Welcome to The Joseph Lau Luen Hung Charitable Trust Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership and Change. Our main aim is to contribute to the global interest in the role and impact of leadership, and more specifically leadership in educational, human service and professional organisations.

The past 20 years have witnessed an unprecedented degree of change for organizations in the Asia Pacific region. The unrelenting pace and pervasive scope of these changes has challenged the capacity of schools to adapt successfully.

While most of these changes have a global origin, implementation almost always involves local characteristics and tensions. This is especially the case in the Asia Pacific region where school systems often find themselves on the receiving end of changes that originated in Western nations whose cultures, traditions, values and institutional norms differ in important ways.

It is in this context that leadership and change have become conceptually and practically intertwined.

The Centre stresses the importance of leadership and leadership development for achieving sustainable change in school systems. These represent key targets for the Centre which focuses on creating research-based knowledge on the practices of leading change, innovation and school improvement in the region.

The Centre also builds on a strong regional foundation of leadership development by contributing new research grounded in the region. This research draws on global theories of leadership as well as exploring indigenous conceptions of leadership. It also creates and transforms knowledge gained from research into practical tools.

We invite you make use of this learning platform to become acquainted with APCLC. If you would like further information on any of our initiatives please do not hesitate to contact us.

Qian Haiyan and Allan Walker