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International Forum on Future Education 2022

The International Forum on Future Education discussed challenges facing education and school leadership in a post-COVID-19 era.

The Forum was co-organised by the Faculty of Education cum Lifelong Learning Education Research Centre of the Southwest University and The Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership and Change (APCLC) at The Education University of Hong Kong. The Forum was held in Chongqing, China on 25-26 June 2022 and was opened by Professor Allan Walker, Co-Director of APCLC, Professor Shijian Chen, Vice President of the Southwest University, and Professor Dequan Zhu, Faculty Dean of Education of the Southwest University.

The Forum featured 13 keynote speakers from five continents, including the APCLC Research Fellows Professor Clive Dimmock from University of Glasgow, Dr Paulo Volante from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Professor Cheng Jinkuan from Nanjing Normal University, and Professor Yang Xiaowei from Guangxi Normal University. The talks were attended by international and regional researchers, scholar-practitioners, school leaders, and policymakers.