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APCLC Research Co-ordinator, Co-Director, and Senior Research Fellow
won General Research Fund (GRF) Grant

APCLC Research Co-ordinator, Dr Junjun Chen, APCLC Co-Director, Prof Allan Walker, APCLC Senior Research Fellow, Prof Gu Qing, and experienced scholar-practitioner, Dr C. S. Chiu, won General Research Fund (GRF) of HK$711,074, funded by Research Grants Council, the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The research grant is for a 24-month study entitled "Principal Resilience and its Influential Occupational Drivers in Hong Kong: Developing and Validating the Principal Resilience Inventory”.

The main aim of this study is to investigate principal resilience and how salient job drivers influence this resilience in Hong Kong. Specifically, this study aims to:

  1. develop and validate a Principal Resilience Inventory;
    2. investigate the states of principal resilience; and
    3. identify what job resources and demands affect principal resilience.

This study will provide empirical insights to advance knowledge of principal resilience by establishing an authentic conceptual linkage between salient job resources and demands with principal resilience. The findings of this study will enable principals to better utilise their resilience to negotiate with available occupational resources and to navigate everyday challenges and adversities to optimise individual and school wellness and success. Also, it can be also used to craft effective policies and practices for principal preparation, selection, and standardization to enhance principal resilience in Hong Kong and beyond.

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