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School Leadership Roundtable 2021

Dr Qian Haiyan and Professor Allan Walker, Directors of Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership and Change (APCLC), are pleased to announce that the School Leadership Roundtable 2021 will be hosted by the APCLC, the Department of Education Policy and Leadership (EPL) of the EdUHK and the Faculty of Education of Southwest University from 25 to 26 June 2021 in a mixed online and offline (Chongqing, China) mode.

Themed "Seeking common ground: Connecting Chinese and International School Leadership", this year’s Roundtable will be opened by Dr Qian Haiyan, Professor Allan Walker and Professor Zhu Dequan, Dean of Faculty of Education of Southwest University. They will be joined by 60+ regional and international education scholars, practitioners, policymakers and principals from 17 societies. The participants will (i) reflect on how we can build the capacity of young-generation educational leadership researchers in China; (ii) discuss the latest innovative practices from both international and local perspectives; and (iii) stimulate more research insights in the field of educational leadership in China. We have also successfully invited Chair Professors Allan Walker, Ellen Goldring, James Spillane and Philip Hallinger to join the Meeting.

During the Meeting, APCLC Director Dr Qian Haiyan, APCLC Associate Directors Dr Lu Jiafang and Dr Darren Bryant, and APCLC Research Co-ordinator Dr Chen Junjun will get together with other APCLC Research Fellows and International Affiliates to chart out the most significant issues in the global landscape of school leadership.