Centre News

An APCLC Donation Research Project
Exploring Features of Education Games
and Intelligent Tutor Systems
to Enhance and Sustain Learning through Gamification

The APCLC has received a second donation from the Hong Kong Asian Ark Technologies Co. Ltd. The donation will be used to explore features of education games and intelligent tutor systems to enhance and sustain e-learning through gamification.

This project aims to use an education game/intelligent tutor system (EG/ITS) to facilitate students’ learning without the help of a human teacher. The research team considers that a successful EG/ITS should be able to sustain extrinsic motivation in achieving short-term flow and intrinsic motivation for self-regulated learning to cultivate learning skills in the long run. Taking into consideration both short-term and long-term effects, the research team will explore different elements of gamification together and aim to develop better theoretical models and algorithms to apply these features in commercial EGs/ITSs. Spearheaded by Dr James Ko, APCLC Associate Director and Associate Professor, and Dr Jason Zhang, Director of Hong Kong Asian Ark Technologies Co. Ltd., the project began in December 2020.