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APCLC Research Fellow Dr Lam Bick Har
won General Research Fund (GRF) Grant

APCLC Research Fellow Dr. Lam Bick Har won General Research Fund (GRF) of HK$559,820, funded by Research Grants Council, the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The research grant is for a 20-month study entitled "The Predictor and Outcome of Social Support Giving– A Self-Determination Theory Perspective”. The study aims to:

1. Identify whether ‘social support giving’ predicts teacher ‘well-being’;
2. Examine whether ‘basic psychological need at work’ predicts ‘social support giving’;
3. Test a mediation model to see if social support giving mediates the relationship between ‘basic psychological need at work’ and
‘well-being’; and
4. Recommend potential school policies regarding teaching and teacher development based on the results of objectives 1 to 3.

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